I’m just a regular guy who has a guilty pleasure of listening to extreme metal music while consuming loads amount of booze. I don’t really like labeling myself as a metalhead, because I’ve learned my lessons way back in college when I called myself one.

A swarm of elite enthusiasts arose from the deepest depths ov hell and confronted me like they want to devour me and burn my little remains to the eternal fire ov hell. These elitists also lectured me that for me to be called a metalhead, I need to find it difficult to collect information about metal music and purchase my records via ‘pen pal’ writing.

Now since I bought my records via the internet, used the modern world wide web as a tool of communication to seek albums, learned metal knowledge via cyberspace, and created a social media account to share my comprehension about extreme metal music; I have no right to call myself a metalhead.

That is why I prefer calling myself ‘the guy who has a guilty pleasure of listening to extreme metal music while consuming loads amount of booze’ instead of a ‘metalhead’. And of course, another reason is I don’t want to displease the aristocrats again.

In addition; I am also an enemy of today’s capitalistic economic system. I vow to obliterate this modern capitalism that exploits the economically weak with its unfair salaries, and its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance. I am determined to destroy this system under all conditions.

The story behind this website goes way deep my undying passion for extreme metal music. I always wanted to contribute to the extreme metal community, and writing reviews are one of my ways of expressing that.

I have written reviews on ‘Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives‘,  which is already available for viewing, but sometimes it’s hard to post a review instantly to Metal Archives as administrators need to examine reviews first before posting it. Plus there are those bands who contacted me and asked me to review their materials, yet they are not yet listed on Metal Archives.

…thus the birth of Realm of ASMODEUS.