Purest Form of Primordial Grinding War Death Metal

Purest Form of Primordial Grinding War Death Metal

Band: Demonic

Album: Bestial W.A.R. Devastation Onslaught

Released date: May 25th, 2019

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelAnugal Audio Terror Records

This right here is the sophomore studio offering of Bulacan, Philippines‘ warmongering and grinding death metal act, Demonic. This latest DIY album is called “Bestial W.A.R. Devastation Onslaught” and the opus’ title speaks for itself and describes how bestial this new record is. With this follow-up of their “Abominations thru Genocidal Hellfire” debut, the band picks up where they left off and stumps up the listeners with a barrage of their brand of animalistic, beastly, and raw to the bone rough and deleterious death metal music.

Bestial W.A.R. Devastation Onslaught” is most certainly not for trendy ears and it has got everything that a total old school extreme metal aficionado would dig into an underground do-it-yourself release. Like it’s predecessor, this new offering is raw to the maximum extent, loud, and extremely unpleasant. The opus houses eight horrendously abysmal and sadistic materials with a very devastating and merciless essence that will certainly make the listener’s headbang at a steady pace.

I have always loved this purity and spontaneity when it comes to an underground extreme metal release as it has that old school thrash attitude thrown in with some strong proto-death elements and topped with that first wave black metal-influenced crust. The militarist war black metal-like riffs, that has a lot less tremolo riffage going on, varied with some serious thrash riffing and the battering drum up tempo are just so fucking perfect components that serves as a strong foundation for this raw to the bone release. Both the guitar and drum sections contribute very well with the atmosphere and both compliments the fury of the album quite nicely.

The vocal delivery also fits with the overall character being presented in the offering as it bolster up the tempo and temperament of the guitar’s onslaught and the drum’s fierce assault very well. Plus that overall intense atmosphere harmonized with the unpolished production serves a fucking ideal finishing touch to the overall output of the opus. “Bestial W.A.R. Devastation Onslaught” has that very dark and obscure feel to it that it seem like there’s a presence of pure demonic entity within the actual recording.

The raw intensity of this smashing follow-up superbly encapsulates the ruggedness and spirit of a group that had been around in the underground for ten years now. It is pretty clear that up until today, Demonic still simply wants to play chaotic and earsplitting extreme music that has undeniable spitefulness and not sell-out to the mainstream metal realm.

All in all, this sophomore offering is an excellent DIY raw extreme metal release. It’s one of the proofs out there that a band don’t need a big-budget production to create a praiseworthy extreme metal album. I certainly recommend this record to those metal fans who, like me, don’t need their metal album collection to be all shiny and with clean production all the time.

Rating: 7.9/10


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