A Sophomore Opus That Epitomizes Modern Death Metal

A Sophomore Opus That Epitomizes Modern Death Metal

Band: Comatose

Album: The Ungodly Lamentations

Released date: November 24th, 2018

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelSatanath Records


It has been almost three years since the Cebuano death metal band Comatose released their debut studio record “The Ultimate Revenge“. Just November 24th of this year, Comatose is back with a whole new line-up and a new record which houses eight tracks, the first one being an intro, with more than 28 minutes playing time that will make its listeners bang their heads like lunatics for the whole running time of the album. The latest record is called “The Ungodly Lamentations” and it was unleashed via Satanath Records, the same label who released their debut album. This new album includes three new original songs written by the band and three tracks taken from their 2015 “Thy Mighty Conquest” EP, along with a song called ‘Forever Reign Supreme‘ that the band had been playing in their live shows since 2014.

This time around Bellz Lee (the band’s founder) takes over the full vocal duties in the band while still handling guitars. With the rest of the “The Ultimate Revenge” line-up gone, Bellz had added Milo Mondejar to assume the second guitar duty, Kyndall Cesar to hammer behind the drums, and Surge Inso to handle responsibility on bass. This latest offering shows more maturity in terms of the band’s songwriting and in the album’s production, but the influences and the style of delivery is as relentless as the debut. And that is definitely not a bad thing at all.

The guitar riffs provided by Bellz and Milo in here are merciless and remorseless and they are powerful that one can notice that pissed off nature that Comatose embodies in their music. The duo showers their listeners with riffs that are as brutal as those ones that we could find in classic OSDM records, and they do it in a way that it goes without being overly brutal. Those mentioned riffings are very strong and it sort of reminds me of the 90s Florida death metal bands, and at the same time, one can hear some strong Bay Area thrash influence as well. These riffs go from mid to fast and they are inimitably pinned in the sustained tempo changes and a stop and go series. The solos are also savage as a demonic creature from hell, and together with the riffs, they strike a balance as pure brutality in musical form.

Surge‘s bass lines are pretty audible in the album and it provides a nice rubble to the guitars. It is easy to notice for comprehensive expanses of the offering and it is completely satisfying to listen to. Now the bass may be buried in the guitar mix, but that really helps in adding that heaviness factor in the opus. Going into the drums, Kyndall delivers a tight performance on his end and he pretty much showcases his ornate potentiality to peer guitar riffs with his very own rhythm patterns in this release. His drum work is absolutely crushing, with some thrashy blast beats thrown in some parts of the material. The sound of the drum in here is downright primal and primordial in most parts, unlike most modern death metal albums these days that are triggered sounding. While there are standard death metal blasts and double kicks present, the dude infuses some out of the ordinary fills which makes the drum tracks more clobbering and ardent.

Bellz‘s vocals are as impressive as always in “The Ungodly Lamentations“. The dude’s voice is veritably fierce and congenitally frightening as he growls and vociferates with pure coldheartedness throughout every song. His vocal delivery is obliterating and it sounds like a horde of demons from hell are speaking through a possessed vessel which makes him sound even more menacing. Now, about the production of this sophomore record, it is utterly an exemplary production for a modern death metal material. I kid you not with that statement, fellas. This is definitely how a modern death metal album should sound like. The mixing task in this record was done very right that it enables the instruments and the vocals to convey itself without one certain piece of the band taking center stage. It also gives the elements a convenient scope to define their presence while not letting a single piece to solely dominate.

Everything falls into place in “The Ungodly Lamentations“. The production, the songwriting, the instruments, and the vocals; everything is ideally audible and the tempo changes are very well done. The album’s whole concept makes total sense and it is very enjoyable to listen to. This right here is some very good old-school death metal opus with preeminent instrumentations, a shitload of ear-splitting riffs, and the kind of unmufflered attitude that we infrequently find in much of today’s newer death metal bands. If you fellas dig old school death metal in the vein of old Morbid Angel, early 90s Cancer materials, past-prime Hypocrisy records, first two Deicide records, Vader, and Sinister then you should order a copy of this opus now.


Rating: 8.8/10

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