An Archetypal Exemplar of Precise Progression

An Archetypal Exemplar of Precise Progression

Legacy of the Ancients

Band: Evil Nerfal

Album: Bellum Est Pater Omnium

Released date: January 9th, 2018

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Colombia



Do you fellas remember when I reviewed the debut studio album of the two-man black metal band Evil Nerfal last year? Well, to those who haven’t read that review yet, you can find it in the list of reviews in the Realm and read the content so you can follow the review that I have written below. Two years after the release of “Hail Black Metal… Vobiscum Buer…“, the mentioned debut full-length of the band, Evil Nerfal had unleashed a new opus just early January this year which contains ten new tracks that showcase an evolution and maturity on the band’s brand of black metal music.

Bellum Est Pater Omnium” was the name given to this sophomore record of Evil Nerfal and the album manifests the band’s shrewdness as they took their music into a more broad-minded assault compared to the first release wherein they focus solely on the customary elements of proto-black metal and classic speed/thrash facets. In this new album, the outpouring aggressiveness of Evil Nerfal‘s black metal smite is intact, but they topped it all up with some accustomed extreme metal components and classic death metal ingredients. Also noticeable in this recent put-out is a more melodic approach in the overall outcome of the songs produced by the band.

In the guitar department, we can notice the harmonies produced by Alejandro (Brannagh Bapheker) are tighter, more refined and more crushing than the already grisly riffs found on “Hail Black Metal… Vobiscum Buer...”. A downright mélange of slow, mid-paced, and fast-paced riff transition can be found in the tracks in this material and those mentioned riffs are filled with ferocious melodies. We can also audibly hear and fell the presence of the bass lines in this brand new offering, as opposed to the first opus where it was mostly turbid due to the utter rawness of the band’s previous style.

Brannagh‘s mephistophelean vocal persuasion in this sophomore release convenes a horde of demons that will totally rip the listeners’ faces off their heads. His vocal delivery in here is louder than before, but it is not that loud that they prevail over the music in the album. Purzon Dominus‘ drumming in here is implacable, as he showers the listeners with a barrage of unremitting pounding that showcases quite a good precision and intensity to his end. Purzon‘s impressive speed in handling the drum is well displayed here, and he shows more of his aesthetically pleasing fills and creativeness in “Bellum Est Pater Omnium“.

This follow-up record has an out of the ordinary bleak-sounding production, but it’s not so raw and lo-fi like the debut. It is somewhat clean but without any gloss to it which, for me, makes the whole record likable and appealing. The production is a lot more friendly towards all the instruments and elements in the record, enabling all of Brannagh and Purzon‘s talents to trickle through as each of the tracks is driven forward. Everything in this new album, except that grim aggressiveness, is really an upgrade from their previous effort. It might be different from its predecessor but it is different in a way that the listeners are quite pleased as Evil Nerfal did not follow the herd of modern black metal bands who goes too symphonic and trendy on the way to the so-called evolution to their music.

Some fans of Evil Nerfal — especially those who are too cvlt to understand progression in musical style — who had been following them since the beginning might make a fuss on how the band should have stayed with their raw and unembellished assault, but you need not to listen to them. Fellas, if you are a fan of their “Hail Black Metal… Vobiscum Buer…” debut, then I can pretty much recommend you that “Bellum Est Pater Omnium” is a follow-up full-length album that you will also dig. Evil Nerfal‘s black metal ferociousness is unimpaired in this offering, and the way how the duo displayed an archetypal exemplar of precise progression in their music in here only shows that we will be entertained with more impressive materials in the future. Now, if you need more convincing on how exceptional this latest record is, you can check out their SoundCloud account where you can listen to some of the tracks from the new offering. Better yet, write to GrimmDistribution at and order a physical copy of the album.


Rating: 8.8/10

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