Asian Tyrants Tour 2019: SABBAT / METALUCIFER Live in the Philippines

Asian Tyrants Tour 2019: SABBAT / METALUCIFER Live in the Philippines

Another killer live show to watch out this 2019 for extreme metal fans in the Philippines is the arrival and live performance of the Japanese black/thrash metal act Sabbat. Gezol’s heavy/speed metal band project, Metalucifer, will also perform live in this visit as the line-up of this side project band has the same members as Sabbat. This visit of the band in the country is part of their Asian Tyrants Tour 2019.

The stopover by the band was verified last November 11th of 2018, as Ron Datuin of Horde Ov Misanthropy Production had posted a flyer confirming the Sabbat / Metalucifer upcoming show in Manila. March 2nd of 2019 is the selected day when the band will Evoke the Evil, recite The Whisper of Demon, and present to their Manila fans the force of Iron ‘n’ Steel ‘n’ Metal.

The venue for Sabbat / Metalucifer‘s Manila show is at Skinny Mike’s Sports Bar which is located in 2nd & 3rd Floors F&B Bldg. MC Home Depot, 32nd St., corner, Justicia Dr, Taguig, Metro Manila, and the show will start at 7:00 in the evening. Davao-based black metal acts, Satanian and Armaros will head north and visit Manila to pump up the crowd and open up the show. Quezon City‘s black metal quartet Ancient Warlord will also join the mentioned bands above, completing the entities of the night who will knock the gates ov hell open before Sabbat and Metalucifer will set the audiences up from the torture ov God by utilizing the seven crosses of damnation.

The ticket price for Sabbat / Metalucifer‘s Manila leg is at Php.800 with freebies and a meet and greet opportunity for those first 50 persons who will avail the pre-sell tickets. For information, and for ticket reservation, you fellas can reach Ron Datuin, Jeff Santos and Dar Kon on their official Facebook pages.

The Sabbat / Metalucifer‘s Manila show is promoted by Eternal Fire Production, Dei Infernus Production and Horde Ov Misanthropy Production; with the combined efforts of  Malaysia‘s Evil Dead Productions. More information about Sabbat‘s Manila leg, including the whole show’s line-up, venue, and ticket prices, will be announced soon.

Just four days after Sabbat‘s Manila tour was announced, Cy Rojo of Davao Hellbangers had published on his Facebook account a poster of a Davao leg of Sabbat‘s / Metalucifer‘s sojourn in the Philippines. This post made a lot of Sabbat and Metalucifer fans in the country more thrilled, as followers of both bands who are living in the Central and Southern islands of the Philippines can watch the bands’ show without heading too far North. Warriors Ride on the Chariots and will bring their Black Metal Scythe and bestow Total Destruction into the fields ov Davao this March 1st of 2019.

Mighty Hordes Of Satan 666 , one of the two bands who opened up for Archgoat and Necrowretch during their Davao tour last November 11th of 2018, is one of the three bands who will open up for Sabbat and Metalucifer in this mentioned show. My favorite Filipino thrash metal act, Mass Hypnosia, will go and travel south and will join Sabbat and Metalucifer in bulldozing Davaohell as they bring their brand of pure destructive thrash metal music in the city ov Davao. The third band who will open up for Sabbat and Metalucifer in this show is one of Davao‘s very own black/thrash metal band, Maniak. After almost a decade of hiatus, Maniak will rise from the depths of the seemingly bottomless chasm on March 1st next year to join Mighty Hordes Of Satan 666 and Mass Hypnosia in fronting for Sabbat and Metalucifer.

The ticket price for Sabbat and Metalucifer‘s Asian Tyrants Tour 2019 Davao leg is at Php.1,000. More information and update about the show will be announced soon, along with the official venue and timeslot of the bands’ Davao leg. The Sabbat / Metalucifer Davao visit is made possible by Davao Hellbangers, along with the cooperation of Evil Dead Productions.



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