Substantial Collection of Wicked Filipino Metal

Substantial Collection of Wicked Filipino Metal

Band: Paganfire / Sacrosanct / Omenfilth / Sungayan / Inferium

Album: Triumph of Evil (Split)

Released date: August 1st, 2018

Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal, & Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelDethrone Records


Five absolutely killer extreme metal acts, all known to play perfervid and fervent extreme metal music and with a relative passion for the underground, as well as all five of these bands hail from the Philippines, makes a slaying split release on Dethrone Records last August 1st of this current year. The name endowed to this five-way split album is “Triumph of Evil” and it houses fifteen (15) frantic extreme metal music supplied to us by Sacrosanct, Inferium, Omenfilth, Sungayan, and Paganfire. I can guarantee you all that worshipers of old-school evil metallic sounds will rejoice with this lethal and infernal potion full of sacrilegious black metal music, detrimental death metal, and violently driven-to-annihilate-all-posers thrash metal assault.

Side A of the record starts off with three extremely thrashy old school black metal tunes from Sacrosanct. Sacrosanct‘s sui generis brand of black metal is both frantic and precise, with feral guitar section, dysmorphic bass lines, and insane vocal delivery. The band’s contribution in this split album are tracks with characters that are a little bit thrash and a whole lot of first-wave black metal. In short, they have provided some great black metal music for the listeners to enjoy. The boys from Tarlac bestowed upon us some dirty and distorted songs with an utterly evil atmosphere that will gratify the lust of those who seek for unconcealed black metal music. Old school guitar riffs, raspy summonings, and some catchy drum work will numb the senses of those who dare listen to their music into a frenzy of hellfire mysticism. Now what I just mentioned right there is the cacophony of what true headbangers long for.

Inferium then comes in after and finish the A side of the album with four obliterating death metal tracks that will make the listeners go pound their chests, get off the ground, and commence synchronized headbanging. It is beyond question that fans of the death metal genre will certainly be pleased with the tunes that Inferium had contributed here. If you fellas dig brutal, stripped-down, and a bit of a groove-laden death metal music then you need to look no further as these guys will indulge you with their offerings in this album. Inferium‘s style of death metal bathe in the glory of old-school death (Nihilist, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Unleashed, and Sinister) and it marches to a similar retro sound. And what’s more amazing about the songs of the band in here is that they derived the style from the frontier groups of the Europe death metal scene yet the death metal attack of the tracks are centered on the classic American scene, or even more specifically, Florida death style. Indeed, Inferium‘s set in this split will never cease to enchant you into complete submission to it’s dark, violent world of hell-bent ferocity.

Going to side B of the cassette, the tape starts off with four Hellenic black metal influenced songs from the atrocious Laguna-based black metal act, Omenfilth. Omenfilth‘s contribution here came from their two recent material releases, “Pandemonic Ascension of the Ancient Serpent” and “Hymns of Diabolical Treachery“. The band’s music needs no more introduction if you people had been following me in the Realm of Asmodeus, but if you need more convincing then I will gladly describe how heretical and iniquitous the tracks that Omenfilth had provided us in here. Their tunes induce something that is bleak, unholy, and just plain jaw-dropping. Omenfilth‘s materials are not the usual black metal songs that you can find elsewhere as the focus of their music isn’t just the fast blast beats or the grim atmosphere, but also it focuses on some damn good riffs and a very ominous vocal style that’ll definitely send chills down every listener’s spine.

Sungayan then takes off with a loud bang, after Omenfilth‘s set, as they handout two murderous thrash metal songs with some high-intensity rawness and a sheer energy that, when all combined, make an ill-natured and fiery output. Sungayan may not be that innovative and inventive type of thrash metal act, but their approach of simplistic and slightly rawer take on the old-school black/thrash style works pretty damn well on their songs as the central riffing of both the tracks that they had provided here are built around simplistic plodding thrash arrangements that adds a wholly appealing dynamic to their sound. As expected to a band playing in the said genre, Sungayan‘s materials included in this split are intensely cruel, feral, and merciless. Every riff in both songs are good, and every melody delivers what one might expect from a band who dwells in the proto-black metal domain. Some riffs in here might even make you feel filthy, given the low-quality production, but that’s all part of the fucking experience. Sungayan‘s rawness and simplicity might be too much for some to take, but they sure can throw down as hard as the fellow extreme metal bands contributing in “Triumph of Evil“.

The last two songs in this split, which completes the foul and vile conquest of the album, are from the Filipino thrash metal enforcers, Paganfire. For Paganfire, the name of game is straightforward primitive thrash metal and they’re not fooling around with their contributed tunes in here which still strongly shows that nasty and savage style that they have mastered all their playing career. Razor-sharp riffs, clobbering drumming, vocal conveyance which utterly expressed sheer offensiveness in an enthusiastic manner, and that rattling old-school production are in full effect — and not for a second dropped — throughout the songs they crafted here as the up-tempo rhythms are at the forefront of their attack and it’s just simple, straightforward efforts. To some bands, this kind of straightforward attitude might wear on as time goes by, but the competence of Paganfire‘s attack more than makes up for that matter.

All those words above uttered; Sacrosanct, Inferium, Omenfilth, Sungayan, and Paganfire had given us a really solid and memorable 5-way split in “Triumph of Evil“. The fact that all of the five bands contributing in this record have showcased their impressive and stylish work superbly makes this album a highly enjoyable and recommended split. This split is definitely worth spending an hour with because, hell, it’s playing time is 73 minutes long, and it’s one of the most appealing and devastating splits I’ve come across in the Filipino underground extreme metal scene. Go contact Dethrone Records now and pick this one up before they run out of copies.


Rating: 7.9/10


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