Modern Aged Raw & Evil Extreme Metal

Modern Aged Raw & Evil Extreme Metal

Band: Exitus / Rapist

Album: Beast of Chaos Command (Split)

Released date: July 11th, 2018

Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal & Speed Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelThis Metal Lust Productions


Being able to bag a limited edition split record which holds killer tunes from two of the bands that I have been closely following for the past years is an amazing score for me. Getting releases like such is one of my priorities, especially when the bands featured on the split plays a very primitive and fuck-your-modern-clean-sounding-production style of extreme metal music. That is why it had really brought me great joy when I was able to get my copy of the 2018 already-sold-out cassette format split of Exitus (Rizal, Philippines) and Rapist (Zamboanga, Philippines).

Now, Exitus and Rapist have been long on my radar, especially the Zamboangueños, for the past years and both of these extreme metal acts have been filling my guilty pleasures of listening to their in-your-face and wicked speed/black/thrash metal music to a high level of dosage. Their previous releases had become regular spins on my playlist and I can’t get over a week without listening to one. Yes, that is how addicted I am to the alcohol-fueled metal music that both these groups are spreading in the underground.

Just early July this year, these two cutthroat bands had unleashed a tenacious split record containing eight (8) tracks, each band with three originals and one cover track apiece, of extreme metal music which displays pure aggressiveness and raw power. This recent put out was baptized “Beast of Chaos Command” and it sure fucking delivers what it states and portrays on its album title and cover art. The split is a pure fucking beast and it gives pleasure to those who love their metal music to be bone-chilling and intense.

Side A of this cassette holds the Exitus camp where the band faultlessly do what they do best and that is delivering high-intensity speed and proto-thrash metal music with a touch of pure alkoholik madness. The three new materials, and one Hellhammer cover track which was also included on the band’s previous EP release, from the Exitus trio that are present here are pretty unrestrained in character and all are nefarious sounding as ever. Sinister as it can be, the guitar department on Exitus‘ side cuts through the listeners’ ears as if it is a chainsaw slicing through a human flesh and human bones. The drumming is straight up old school in the way that it grinds out some fast and mid-tempo beats which perfectly fits the fervent force of the guitars and the high-pitched demoniacal black metal yells vomited by Jay Orosa. In essence, Exitus had accomplished what they wanted to achieve with the tunes that they had provided in this split. I even want to hear these materials, along with the tracks they had produced on their last “Hell’s Manifest” EP, included in a full-length of Exitus in the future

The B side of the split houses also four tracks, one is also a cover (Onslaught‘s ‘Thermonuclear Devastation‘) song, of unadulterated and undiluted speed metal music delivered by Rapist with utter anger and disgust to humankind. Eight years of existence and producing unconcealed and biting underground extreme metal music have made Rapist a veteran of the back-alley scene and their materials just keeps getting sharper and sharper in each putout. That very punk-ish element in their music is still clearly present on their three new songs, especially in the guitar department where one can notice the constant use of power chords and the general sloppiness, only this time around Rapist‘s guitar section has a much sharper-sounding riff assault that is pure fucking thrash metal. The drumming here unchains such animal and primal fury dispatched in downright insanity. Check out any given song on Rapist‘s side and the execution will be through the roof with energy and power. The songs that these guys had brought forth in here are a solid contribution and it displays how they are very passionate about playing their brand of extremely fast, abrasive, and hostile speed metal.

Indeed, this split release by Exitus and Rapist had once again put on view how both these underground metal maniacs can go even more faster and dirtier than they already are in the past. Listening to their latest materials gives me that fiery feeling of destroying everything in my reach and leaving nothing undestroyed. Fellow extreme metal connoisseurs, “Beast of Chaos Command” is a record that I recommend you go hunt down and add to your metal record collection. You can try and score one via trade to those who were able to grab a copy or wait for a reissue of the split. I give this split an exceptional rating because both the bands here had satisfied me with their performances in this opus. I am truly lucky to have discovered both these underground metal acts in this age where most metal groups want to go with clean production and pro-sounding output instead of just going out there and play as loud and dirty as they can and as drunk as they can.


Rating: 8.7/10


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