HELLWITCH Asian Tour: With a Possible Philippine Leg

HELLWITCH Asian Tour: With a Possible Philippine Leg

Singapore‘s record label and booking agency Ravage Records had posted an announcement yesterday about the Asian Tour of Florida‘s death/thrash metal act, Hellwitch. If you guys haven’t heard of this Fort Lauderdale-based technical death/thrash metal group, they had been around crafting extreme metal music since 1984.

Hellwitch released a debut full-length entitled “Syzygial Miscreancy” way back December of the year 1990 where it contained seven killer tracks that had captured heavy metal fans’ attention, especially those who are fans of technical death/thrash in the vein of Atheist and Human-era Death.

After their debut release, it took the band 19 years and a couple of EP’s, a demo, a compilation CD, and a split releases before following up the debut with their 2009 studio album “Omnipotent Convocation“. The sophomore record held 10 original tracks, along with an eleventh song that is a cover of Death‘s ‘Infernal Death‘.

This Asian Tour is the first time that Hellwitch is going to tour Asia since it was formed in 1984. The tour kicks off this September 29, 2018, in Singapore. A possible Philippine leg (although my sources told me that they are still working on a Philippine-based promoter which will take the deal and bring the band to play live in the country) was also included in Ravage Records‘ poster for Hellwitch‘s Asian tour which brings another excitement and another show to look forward to for fellow Filipino extreme music enthusiasts.

Expect the Realm of Asmodeus to update you fellas about the tour dates and more about this aforementioned tour, so stay tuned.


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