ARCHGOAT and NECROWRETCH Live in Davao, Philippines

ARCHGOAT and NECROWRETCH Live in Davao, Philippines

Just two days after Ravage Records had announced about Archgoat‘s “The Luciferian Crowning” Asian exclusive tour, Vent Box Productions Philippines had confirmed that a Philippine leg for Archgoat‘s exclusive Asian show is scheduled this November 11th, 2018 in the killing fields ov Davao.

Necrowretch, a French death/black metal quartet, is set to join Archgoat on stage at the said event so it is truly a show that a true extreme music enthusiast should not miss. This visit from Necrowretch in the Philippines is also part of their 2018 Asian tour entitled “Satanic Slavery. Two local killer black metal acts from Cebu and Davao will open up for Archgoat and Necrowretch in this evening of ‘Black.. Death.. Misanthropy..‘. One of them is the intense and relentless black metal band Kalabira and the other being the thermosatanuklear goatomik black metal group Mighty Hordes Of Satan 666.

Venue of the mentioned event is at MuzikHaven Restobar in Davao City. The location of the venue is at, Prime Square Phase 2, F. Torres St., Davao City. Gates ov hell will open at exactly 6:00 p.m. and the tickets purchased in the gate will cost Php.1,200 while you can also buy the pre-sale price at Php.1,000. Tickets are already available for the pre-sale price, for those who are in Luzon and Manila you can contact Myrrh at 09057247483 to buy your tickets while those who are in the Visayas you can reach Jim at 09430286560/09064181666, and finally the hordes from Mindanao can grab their tickets by contacting Nheal at 09173175466.

Those first 50 fans to avail the tickets will have a chance to meet the bands. But the meet and greet session is subject to promoter’s and bands’ approval. Last minute changes will be implemented upon bands’ request without prior notice.

This Davao leg is the only show in the Philippines that Archgoat and Necrowretch will perform in the country so you better be there and prepare yourselves for a fucking treat, fellow angelslaying, and satanic metal connoisseurs.

Archgoat and Necrowretch will spit Tales of Desecration and will bestow a Putrid Death Sorcery upon the hordes and followers of extreme metal music in the Philippines thanks to the efforts made by Vent Box Productions PhilippinesCebu Extreme Music Production,  Davao Hellbangers and Iron Fist Philippines.


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