Feel the Venom of the Serpents

Feel the Venom of the Serpents

Band: Desolator

Album: Into the Snake Pit (EP)

Released date: January 24th, 2017

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelAnugal Audio Terror Records


Laguna had been home to some of the most vicious and ferocious extreme metal bands in the Philippines. With acts such as Ataul, Infestor, Kambing, Morkhgrat, Omenfilth, Pathogen, and Rabies; the Laguna scene had brought forth some of the savage and fierce records that had ever come out in the archipelago of the Philippines. Desolator, a thrash metal quartet based in the mentioned country, is one of the local thrash metal group who is garrisoned in Laguna that reinforces the already well-respected name of the extreme metal scene in that area.

The following review that I am working on right now is about the 2017 EP of Desolator called “Into the Snake Pit“. This is actually the first record that the quartet had put out and with this debut EP Desolator had showcased that they will never try to fool anyone or hide their relentless old school thrash metal influences. The EP houses six thrash metal tracks which pretty much represents how thrash bands in the 80s performed their brand of unbending and violent metal music. Ladies and gentlemen, this album right here is pure fucking thrash!

Desolator is capable of creating good and catchy tunes that will most certainly satisfy your cravings for some nostalgic thrash metal materials as shown in the release of this offering. But they do not just stop there as they are also capable of loading those tunes with some neck-destroying riffs, turbulent lead guitar, annihilating drumming, and snarling vocals which suggests a presence of a malignant and hostile life form. The riffs in “Into the Snake Pit” are mostly from mid to fast pacing and its nastiness will certainly have the listeners headbanging shortly after playing the first tune in the material.

The whole guitar section of the record is packed with those slaying riffs which creates a patchwork of an implacable sensation of hyperactive pandemonium and extremity throughout the entire offering. Bass lines are also distinctly audible in this record. The bass’ presence is felt all through the EP and it brings along a pungent phantom which oftentimes displays to the listeners that hardcore/punk edge in the bassist’s playing. Drum department of the record is punishing and there’s a lot of those unwavering double bass work that gives assistance in propelling the mid-tempo grooves onward satisfyingly. Desolator‘s drummer plays with atrociousness and fierceness throughout the entire material, and even though there is nothing that is extremely technical about his playing, the man can still batter on the kit so hard and fast that it sounds like a Gatling gun is rapid-firing loads of bullets just next to your ear.

In the vocal area, the band’s frontman presents a sharp, angry, and ear-piercing shouts and yells which is pretty much standard in numerous classic thrash metal offerings. He spits his grisly, dirty, and tough vocal delivery through the album with such adrenalized dispatch. The vocals really fit the music of Desolator very well and it adds a more biting effect on the songs. The album’s production was done in a semi-pro polished process mongrelized with a little hint of that primitive raw output, and such style done is sure to please the ears of those audiences who dig records in the likes of the pioneers of the Bay Area thrash metal scene. This kind of production and mixing also suits the band’s energy level inimitably and it gives all the instruments and vocals that much more of an edge.

So to end this review I have to say that “Into the Snake Pit” is an EP that is worth owning and keeping in your collection rack. Thrashers who loves their thrash music record to be relentless with aggressively rough vocals, deranged razor-sharp guitars and crippling drum hammering should get this offering immediately. Now don’t mind the simplicity of the record because this is undoubtedly one of the most vicious and energetic extreme metal material that had come out from the Laguna area.


Rating: 6.5/10


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