A Live Black Metal Album Done Right

A Live Black Metal Album Done Right

Band: Omenfilth

Album: Pandemonic Ascension of the Ancient Serpent (Live Album)

Released date: March 14, 2018

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelAnugal Audio Terror Records


Hailing from the dreadful catacombs of San Pablo, Laguna in the Philippines; Omenfilth is an obscene black metal act that has been spawned into the mortal realm during the year 2013. By the year 2014, the band had put out a five-track demo called “Diaboli Mortuo Infinitum” and it had awed many of those who had heard it the first time that by the year 2016 the band followed the demo up with a debut studio record called “Opus Sanguinarium“. Like the success of the first demo in the underground, the debut album had also astonished fans of both the black metal genre and the band, as the whole material had showcased how talented and promising Omenfilth is.

Then by late 2017, Omenfilth contributed in a split album called “Veneration of Cruel Lust” together with Ireland’s black/thrash metal infidel, Sulphurhaze. Again, the band had exhibited their utter mastery of crafting rude and terror-filed black metal hymns with their offering in the split. And then just weeks ago this March of 2018, with the aid of Anugal Audio Terror Records, Omenfilth had unleashed a cassette format live album in the form of “Pandemonic Ascension of the Ancient Serpent“. I am here today to talk about this iniquitous and evil live immolation.

After Omenfilth had spat out their previous early atrocities that I mentioned above, the band went and did this five-track two-sided live album “Pandemonic Ascension of the Ancient Serpent“, and the result came out brilliantly! This slab of live profanity is one of those types of live albums that were not overdubbed to make the tracks sound as close to a studio version, but its raw and natural production that makes the listeners feel like they’re right there between the audiences living the concert experience to the fullest had made it a release that is worth adding to every extreme metal enthusiast’s collection.

Right from the first 10 minute of the tape, one can immediately notice the hellishly meaty and destructive guitars cutting its way through the first live performance. It then flows naturally to every track present in the release. The reverb of the guitar department is pretty evident, as so as the bass that we can pretty easily hear, though there are moments where both the mentioned instruments are heavily distorted and fuzzy. We can also observe how the drum department is steadily played on the album, as it does not dominate the sound and it makes all the other instruments, including even the vocal area, audible. The raspy and screeching vocals that are pervaded with utter abhor and iniquity is also emphasized well in the album. All these outputs only clearly reveal how well-balanced the members had executed their roles.

Now, there is no bullshit and no wankery in this live album, it’s just crude and right-in-your-face live black metal music served with some extra kick in the nuts in the form of the sheer loudness of the recording. The talent of the band is very much seen as they provide us with songs that have that primitive and rough characters, with an overall sound that is on par with the standards of old-school black metal aficionados, yet they still were able to manage to keep it all together tight. This is no place to those who seek some fucking crystal clear bullshit production, for what the album houses are just pure distorted and bulldozing music which will give its listeners a spine-chilling experience. My friends, this is how a live black metal album SHOULD sound!

If you fellas are looking for a primordial and two-fisted black metal live opus with a hard and merciless attitude, then “Pandemonic Ascension of the Ancient Serpent” is what you maniacs are looking for. This record is a must-have for all those who dig live extreme music albums that are raw and unprocessed, yet very well-balanced in terms of instrument execution and overall performance.


Rating: 7.8/10


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