Vile & Putrid EP From Cavite’s Baleful Underground

Vile & Putrid EP From Cavite’s Baleful Underground

Band: Toxemia

Album: Invocation of Misanthropy (EP)

Released date: February 2018

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelMorthumain Productions and Palakol Records


After a short two and a half years of being sober, Cavite‘s old school death metal drunkards, Toxemia, are back with an EP offering which holds five obscene and foul death/doom metal tunes coming straight from the third world domain of the Philippines. This new EP is called “Invocation of Misanthropy” and it lives up to its name as the hymns that are present in this record are like incantations which are used to summon a pessimistic deity. Released just February this year under Morthumain Productions and Palakol Records, “Invocation of Misanthropy” have lived up my expectations of another killer offering delivered by my fellow countrymen, Toxemia.

Like the band’s earlier offerings and releases, this latest EP is a nostalgia of the sound of the glorious days of the old school death metal underground. The early 90s sound is ever present in this record as Toxemia had dispatched a straight out old school sludgy death metal onslaught in the vein of Incantation, Winter, Cianide, Goatlord, Asphyx, and even Hellhammer with evident elements of primeval thrash metal thrown in. Riffs that found in here are grueling, with a terrible and raw production used, and an extremely menacing atmosphere. My friends, this is truly a piece of the old school underground.

If you have been following Toxemia then you already know that the guitar department in this record, as always, is about as simple as you can get with a couple of mindless and fast guitar shredding dished out for an instant. The riffs here are all extremely straightforward, without any fancy and flashy technicality toped in, but Toxemia‘s capability for crafting absolutely killer dead-simple death/doom riffs are evidently intact. On the bass department, while it follows along with the guitar lines, it has a nice thick sludgy and chunky reverberating tone which fits in with the oozing odious excrement of the rhythm section.

The pounding and bludgeoning drum department showcases an employment in brutal sufficiency as the man behind the kit perfectly nails his part in each track, blasting some catchy rage-fueled hammering and throwing in some appealing fills which, like the guitar and bass department, plays a great role in holding the whole release together. With the guitar, bass, and drums working together in giving the listeners some taste of an atmosphere that brings to mind a Goatlord and Cianide influenced music blended with early Celtic Frost and Hellhammer elements throughout the EP, the vocal area had also definitely delivered a fine result which will make the fans definitely utter that the very evil and raw guttural vocal effort conveyed in each track in the EP is very well suited to the unearthly character of the songs in the release.

Once again, Toxemia had successfully demolished the door that is separating death and doom metal with the release of “Invocation of Misanthropy“. There are very few bands in the extreme metal genre who can execute such high caliber result, especially coming from a third world nation like the Philippines. Even the raw and unpolished production, which really brings to the table the true underground nature of the band, is completely appropriate for the overall output of the offering as it focuses not just on the low side of things, but it balances the other extreme metal elements present, allowing for the true heaviness and aggressiveness of the band’s music to occur. That nonstop low crushing of a drop-tuned ride into pandemonium territory and that Hellhammer-esque sound mongrel to perfection with a few primitive thrash metal influences is what makes this recently released EP worth hearing.

The dismal feel into their music has always been one of the charms of Toxemia and this offering is no exception. This is yet another exceptional effort from one of the Philippines‘ odious and abhorrent extreme metal acts who toils in dispatching repulsive and putrefied sounds coming from the baleful underground realm. What the fuck are you waiting for?! Contact Toxemia at and get your copy of this limited edition cassette format EP now!


Rating: 8.6/10


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