Oriental Blasphemy: AS SAHAR Live in Manila

Oriental Blasphemy: AS SAHAR Live in Manila

Apoy ng Kamunduhan Productions brings the Malaysian black metal act As Sahar back in the Philippines this coming summer of 2018. This is the band’s second show in the Philippines since their performance last June 29th of 2013. The said event is titled Oriental Blasphemy Manila and is supported by Dethrone Records and Thresthold Records.

Killer local Filipino extreme metal bands such as Sacrosanct, Karimlan, Mass Hypnosia, Pathogen, Paganfire, Amaranhig, Corrupt Insanity, and Interment will join As Sahar in bestowing utter blasphemy in this eve of May 12th, 2018.

The venue for this event is at the Kalawakanspacetime Art Gallery which is located on the second floor of Casa Bella building at Roces Avenue corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. The place is near Chowking and 7/11 in front of Fisher Mall. Gate fee is at Php.350, with the first 30 people to enter will be getting a free promo CDR.

The compilation CD “Overlords of the Orient” will also be officially launched at this event, and it will be available for purchase.


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