Evoking The Factual Essence of Black Metal

Evoking The Factual Essence of Black Metal

Band: Brood in Black

Album: Blasfemas (EP)

Released date: February 12th, 2018

Genre: Black Metal

Country: United States

LabelNo Hope in Hell Records


Kentucky‘s one-man black metal beast is back this year with a new EP offering entitled “Blasfemas“. This time around Count Corinth had enlisted a fellow fiend to join him in his assault on religion and the worthless society. Bulgor is the evil entity that has aided the count in casting primitive and raw darkness into the light with their release of this 2018 offering. In this new album, Brood in Black had once again successfully reminded their listeners of the glory days of the black metal genre.

Blasfemas” brings the nostalgia of a time when black metal was still all about the bleak and pure vicious aggressiveness in its music, not the snowflaky symphony-driven ala-Dimmu Borgir sound. Brood in Black‘s evident influences of the Norwegian BM acts such as of early Burzum and Mayhem is still in plain view, along with some Hellhammer-esque hints thrown in by the band for good measure. Grim and eerie thrash metal gingered up riffs and a spine-chilling drumming accompanied by a macabre and gruesome raspy vocal delivery is what filled this twenty-one minute and forty-one seconds long EP. This instruments along with the nasty conveyance in the vocal department had been blended well together to create this menacing and foul offering.

The guitar section is pretty straightforward and primitive, as expected to be for a band like Brood in Black who evokes the true essence of what black metal is all about, and the emotion and initiative that Count Corinth brings to the table truly institutes the principle sound of what the band ought to play. Despite the rough and nerve-shattering guitar department, the general atmosphere of Brood in Black is still fully intact and very effective in its purpose of giving the listeners an agonizing and afflicting ride to the dark side.

With the addition of Bulgor in the lineup, the band now has a real drummer hammering behind the kit instead of Count Corinth utilizing a programming drum section. With the exception of two tunes, as the Count had done drum duties himself on the tracks ‘Blasfemas‘ and ‘Abyss‘, it is Bulgor who performed the task of drumming for the rest of the album. Bulgor executes a fast and furious drumming as he bludgeons the kit with a barrage of merciless pounding consisting of classic speed metal and early black metal influences. His overall terrorizing drum performance in this EP had demonstrated how well he fits the role of battering behind the kit in the band. Count Corinth‘s demonic vocal delivery in each song in “Blasfemas” is as fierce as ever. His screechy singing is extremely haunting and evil sounding as the Count vomits a stream of high-pitched rasps that sound like a Mephistophelean being is about to kill and devour the humankind.

Modern metal fans will not dig the production of this EP, oh I can assure you that, but that’s the whole point of playing black metal music. Bands under this genre do not make filthy hymns and music that is supposed to be likable to the average metal enthusiasts. Bands playing under this genre make crafts that express their utter contempt and hate for religion and the idiotic lambs that follow the shepherd. The poor production of this offering only does the EP a good thing due to the two-fisted nature of the content of the material which wouldn’t sound natural if the production has been polished or if it is professional sounding.

From the razor-sharp chainsaw sounding guitar and hellishly rapid drumming, to the chthonian shrieks which seem to have come from a torturous demon dwelling beneath the depths of hell; everything that black metal should be is probably represented in Brood in Black‘s “Blasfemas” in one way or another. The band had once again found success in stirring up and evoking the factual essence of the black metal genre with this new immolation. Fellow extreme metal music connoisseurs, especially those who seek old school classic black metal music, this opus is a fine black metal release that you guys should check out and own. This EP so well embodies everything that black metal music stands for. It is raw, hostile, and entirely obscure in nature.


Rating: 7.7/10


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