Utterly Negligible

Utterly Negligible

Band: Veil of Maya

Album: False Idol

Released date: October 20th, 2017

Genre: Djent/Technical Deathcore/Metalcore

Country: United States

LabelSumerian Records


On October 20th last year, Illinois‘s djent/technical metalcore act Veil of Maya had released their sixth full-length album called “False Idol” under Sumerian Records. A friend of mine on the social media posted about this new album and he described the new offering as an improvement, and that the band is ready to move on to a more mature stage of their career rather than just being a band enjoyed by kids with ear gauges and energy drink consumers. After I read the post, I contacted some of my mates and fellow critics who have possible obtained copies of this new material. I was able to get access to the tracks after a couple of emails. Following this, I gave Veil of Maya‘s new material a spin and found out that it’s really better than the old releases. Unfortunately, it still is not the type of music that packs a certain punch of maturity.

Now I have heard a lot of music that sucks way more than the contents of this record, but I haven’t really heard something this disappointing in a long time. To tell you people honestly, modern metalcore and deathcore to me have to be two of the blandest subgenres of the metal genre. And listening to “False Idol” only proves me right. Everything in this Veil of Maya new offering is dreary. Generic djent riffs duplicated from dozens of other bands in the genre is what the listeners are welcomed here. Those boring two to three note riffs swarms the tracks here and the entire thing is repetitive until the whole thing runs out of playing time. The whole execution is just horrible. There is not a single good riff present at all, as it’s all just basic chord riff played in a very fast and muddled way.

Yes, the bass is evident here, but it doesn’t make it good for the record because it aids only to make the chugging boring repetitive guitar appear more blatant. That heavy clanging sound that the guitar and bass section provides is a fucking horrible course of action when you are already playing dry and tedious riffs. The drum section is pretty standard for metalcore and deathcore genre. It’s the usual blast beats here-and-there rendering, pretty generic really. It’s as the same as the other hundreds of releases under this kind of genre, only that it doesn’t seem terribly triggered and that there’s a bit of a mix of tempos.

There is no surprise on the vocal delivery here too. Veil of Maya‘s frontman is one of the most generic vocalists to ever come out of this genre. The dude utilizes the same harsh scream in every part of the entire record with little to no difference. Plus his emoting whiny clean vocals just annoys me that much. Listening to his clean vocals makes it really seem like you are listening to a brootal version of any post-hardcore songs executed by bands playing a mimicked track of power pop bands.

After giving “False Idol” a spin, I can certainly conclude that this is an album that will unquestionably attract mainstream metal music fans and will work on trendy scene kids. Having said that, I know that enthusiasts of true extreme music already understand how ugly and utterly negligible this offering is. This record is an abomination! I recommend you fellas to stay away from this piece of trash and do not purchase it. Don’t even download it for fuck’s sake! If you guys are interested to see if it’s possible to hear deathcore done right, go and find Rings of Saturn‘s materials instead. At least that aliencore quartet knows how to put out a decent release.


Rating: 2.2/10

2 thoughts on “Utterly Negligible

  1. Generic review is generic, shithead.
    No wonder this got a low score coming from a “trve” close minded extreme music lover

    Be more objetive the next time.


    1. Nice to know someone is actually reading the shit that I put online. Cheers to you Steve!!! And next time, I’ll be sure to listen really well to stuffs that this band puts out…that is if I can stand listening to it.


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