Remorseless Record With Gut-Wrenching Music

Remorseless Record With Gut-Wrenching Music

Band: Deiphago

Album: Into the Eye of Satan

Released date: June 2nd, 2015

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelHells Headbangers Records


Into the Eye of Satan” is the fourth studio full-length offering of the Filipino bestial black/death metal act Deiphago. This release is easily the heaviest and, in my own opinion, the best record that the trio had put out in all of their careers as extreme metal musicians. But, of course, we might be surprised along the road because Voltaire and the group always stun us with a more solid effort after every release. What “Into the Eye of Satan” provides to the listeners in a half an hour of run time is a high-intensity black/death metal music, a guitar section that builds a granite wall of grinding riffs, a bass line and drum hammering that gives enough vividness and magnitude to simply destroy the listeners’ ears, and a vocal delivery which is extremely harsh and loathful.

Every track in the album is fierce and it has that clear purpose of exterminating those who are in its path. The guitar riffs of the songs are like engines of war machines whose sole purpose is to create heat that will feed the steel battle tank, which is in the form of the offering, that will obliterate the masses. The guitar section of this material is so fucking heavy, crushing, and it is completely massive that it makes riffs from Norwegian black metal records sounds like chords from church hymns. It simply amazes me how Sidapa is able to keep up with that high-speed tempo and chaotic potency while at the same time giving a wicked sense of melody for the audiences to enjoy. And we get more killer treats with his soloing in here.

Slaying shredding guitar solos buried in gaping walls of distortion can be heard all throughout the record. Now, they might exist for only a moment to break all the tension going as listeners bang their heads to the obscure tunes that Deiphago renders, but these solos are fast, effective, and most importantly memorable. They are very sinister in nature, and we can describe this fantastically rendered solos like wolves who conceal themselves among the woods at hours of darkness while stalking their preys’ every move before they attack and eviscerate their victims alive.

Savnok, the maniac behind the drums in this release, administers primal blasting and formidable pummeling with his drumming in here. His work behind the kit sounds like mountains smashing against each other while the roaring thunderstorm fills the dark skies in the time of the rapture as the king of hell wipes out the age of humankind. The dude inflicts drum blasts ubiquitously with mind-blowing speed, but his pandemonium fills and general skill exhibits more wonderment to the audiences to make sure that we are not left motionless. We can also feel the power of Savnok‘s mind-shattering pounding as it cuts through the album with a relentless fury that drives and forces the band’s music into the abyss of insurmountable dementia.

Voltaire‘s bass is pretty audible in the whole material, as it harasses your speakers with massive catastrophic force. The ponderous production also solidifies the existence of the bass notes that in most circumstances it may bring a fuss to some people. I have a bit of a whining about the production too as it evidently tames the whole primal nature of the instruments, but it still doesn’t make this opus less of a masterpiece. The vocal work supplied by Voltaire in “Into the Eye of Satan” are gunfires of shrieks and screechy yells that resonates a sound as if it was delivered from beyond the living world. Its nature is like a prehistoric anomaly who’s grabbing hold with a locked-jaw to its victim while ripping the prey’s body off in a beastly behavior. The vocal sound is high, utterly comprehensible, and it is cruel as fuck!

Although “Into the Eye of Satan” suffers a noticeable stumbling block because of its bulky and wooly production, the offering is still a classic slab of angry and debauched black/death metal music that will give any connoisseurs of speed, thrash, black and death metal a total eargasm. Deiphago had again struck with a more violently than expected craft with this magnum opus. The release of this work of art had made me feel enraptured for future records of the band which will unquestionably feature them continuing their merciless and satanic bestial extreme metal brutality.


Rating: 9.2/10


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