Utterly Empty And Devoid of Any Artistry

Utterly Empty And Devoid of Any Artistry

Band: Billy Boy in Poison

Album: Invoker

Released date: November 10th, 2017

Genre: Death/Groove Metal/Metalcore

Country: Denmark



When a band is playing under the genre of fused groove metal and metalcore, their music is automatically among one of the most listened and favorite materials of trendy mallcore kids and hip brootal fans of the modern metal community. But in my ears, and in the ears of those who understand the true essence of extreme metal, those kinds of music will probably be just one of those painfully boring albums that are monotonous on so many levels regardless of the mainstream commercial success that it is getting from the modern trendoid connoisseurs.

Invoker“, the sophomore full-length release of the Danes metal band Billy Boy in Poison, is exactly the kind of record that scene kids of these days will dig and brag to other people just so others would think they are cool enough to listen to heavy music. With that being said, it automatically makes this album a target for me to analyze and evaluate. And after 44 minutes and 22 seconds of achingly listening to this offering, I found it no different from its modern contemporaries.

Billy Boy in Poison had put out a material that has unconvincing songwriting and unvaried elements with the release of this album. It pretty much is the same with their debut studio record “Watchers“. The songs in “Invoker” are as empty as its predecessor, and it is insipid like those of the usual materials swarming the modern mainstream market these days. The music here is pretty much just a more brootal version of Lamb of God, Chimaira, and DevilDriver.

This album is not bringing anything new or innovating to the genre and it is at best a forgettable release. The guitar riffs found here are evidently almost rip-offs of some riffs that we can find in Lamb of God offerings and deathcore releases. The riffs lack aggression and explosion, plus it is mixed up with repetitive and uninterestingly-lame progressions and weak breakdowns. The melodies are also completely awful bad and totally uninspired. I even think that listening to a Lamb of God record is way better than listening to this crap. At least LOG can make normal riffs sound interesting if they try.

As expected, I couldn’t even hear the bass section in any of the songs I listened to on the offering. It’s inaudibly flat and it doesn’t really come through in the album. Now we go to the generic drumming where the listeners are offered with pretty simplistic beats and blasts that even 8-year-old kids in youtube videos can orchestrate. The drum section is really just a course of mid-paced tempo execution with simple drumming patterns that do not evolve into something interesting. Then there’s the cliché trendy brootal vocal delivery where it’s all just feeble deathcore screams and metalcore barks. Man, vocal executions like the ones found in here are ridiculously hackneyed and it’s not even innovative enough to get kudos for being br00tal.

So there you have it, folks! “Invoker” is a fruitless offering that is utterly empty of any creativity. Avoid this album, and stay away from any releases coming from this band, at all cost! Billy Boy in Poison is a band that I recommend you people should stay away from if you want to save your ears from a horrible rape experience. This is an album that best fit the interests of brootal mallcore kids. But if you’re one of those ‘Everything is equal in metal. Just enjoy the music.‘ dudes, then go ahead and knock yourself out with this pile of crap.


Rating: 0/10


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