A Sorry Attempt to Create a Catchy Album

A Sorry Attempt to Create a Catchy Album

Band: Kera

Album: Hysteresis

Released date: October 11th, 2017

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Country: France

LabelUnsigned / Independent


Released last October 11th of the year 2017, “Hysteresis” is the debut studio record of the French progressive death metal quintet, Kera. To those who had not heard of them yet, Kera had been around since 2014 and they had released a s/t EP way back 2015 before releasing a single called “Delusion” the following year. If you listen to the mentioned early releases of the band, you can certainly hear evident influences from bands like Gojira, Meshuggah, Opeth, and Dream Theater. “Hysteresis” is of no difference from the band’s early materials.

When I bump into an album under the progressive death metal genre, I expect to hear good compositions, appetizing melodies, and powerful emotions when listening to it. However, Kera‘s debut studio album is the complete opposite of what I expected it to be. The songs in “Hysteresis” are sloppy, the melodies are flavorless, and any apparent form of mood or emotion is absent in this release. What this offering hold is a tasteless rip-off of both progressive rock albums and progressive extreme metal records of the past.

What’s even more worst about this release is that the band did not take those classic influences of them as a bedrock from which they can create a sound and music of their own. The uninspired compositions also drag the album deeper into the state of failing to receive praises, as the band seems like they just replicated passages from Opeth and Gojira then bound them together in random order. What’s even more unsatisfactory here is the cheesy melodies found in the offering that we obviously can hear in shitty mainstream progressive rock albums.

The growling vocals actually had potential, but then again it does not bring any unique characteristic that makes it stand out and memorable to the listeners. Even with the dual vocal attack efforts, it still is not enough to make a serious impression. And, as expected to a progressive metal album, the drumming (though it’s heavy in the ears) just goes along with the jazzy feel of the record. Just like the other instruments in the material, the drum section doesn’t offer anything original and veritable.

In conclusion, “Hysteresis” is a sorry attempt by Kera to produce a memorable and catchy record. Perhaps if they just took those influences as examples and create their very own sound and music, this album would have risen above the state of mediocrity. But unfortunately, the offering is an utter failure. Guess I should have stayed away from this release right from the moment I saw the lame cover art. Man, this material is terrible on so many levels!


Rating: 3.2/10


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