Modern Thrash Record Worthy to be Praised

Modern Thrash Record Worthy to be Praised

Band: Tankist

Album: Unhuman

Released date: November 9th, 2017

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Estonia

LabelUnsigned / Independent


Tankist is a thrash metal quartet hailing from a country in Northern Europe called Estonia. “Unhuman“, the band’s debut full-length album which I am reviewing today, is actually the very first material from the band that I had access to and heard of. Prior to listening to this full-length, I never had heard of these guys yet. And man how I regret not discovering them earlier because they sure know how to put out a good retro thrash metal offering that pays homage to the forefathers of the genre.

Unhuman” holds nine catchy and heavy songs which will give the listeners a nostalgia of the early years and development of the thrash metal genre. Every element of this studio album flows together very well with one another. Every track here is tight, and each is packed to the brim with memorable riffs that’ll never let the audiences get bored. The guitar riffs present in here are very intense. Intense in the manner that it’ll take you back to the raw era of Kreator, Sepultura, and Slayer. Fast picking guitar riffs, with chords that are adequately assembled, are evidently existing in this release.

Plus the fucking solos are also worthy of all the praise. What’s more amazing about the solos is that they aren’t dreadful unnecessary noodling. The solos are, in point of fact, extremely fast, admiringly technical and are satisfyingly dispersed throughout every track. This is also one of the few thrash metal offerings in which the listeners can audibly hear the bass. The bass can be heard prominently and it remains clear and hearable for the rest of the record. The frontman’s vocal delivery might be less intense than those we find on classic thrash metal album, but they do fit the music of Tankist well.

Drum work on this release is also solid and it mixes in with the other instruments just perfectly. Though it might not be as crushing and as angry as a machine gun on crack drum work like those of other thrash contemporaries, it’s snappy and pretty complex beats are fun and the drummer throws in witty fills at just the right times in breaks to spice up the music. The overall production of “Unhuman” is also really good, without sounding overdone. Man, do I love the mixing of the guitar on this album. It’s pretty crisp and clear, and they had used a lighter distortion than you might expect in a band playing under the genre.

In my opinion, Tankist had furnished a worthy modern thrash metal album with “Unhuman” that even those enthusiasts of the early thrash music would enjoy. The formula in the offering was not abused, and each influence was perfectly balanced. This record deserves a sit in every thrash metal fans’ collection shelf, and I recommend that you guys should keep your radar on this band in the future years to come.


Rating: 6.7/10


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