Interesting Idea, Lame & Disappointing Execution

Interesting Idea, Lame & Disappointing Execution

Band: Chaotic Remains

Album: We Are Legion

Released date: December 1st, 2017

Genre: Symphonic Death/Black Metal

Country: Malta

LabelMighty Music


Chaotic Remains is Maltese symphonic death/black metal band who has been in the extreme music scene for almost ten years now. The band had been active since 2008 but weren’t able to put out a studio record until just last December 1st this year. Their debut album, “We Are Legion“, is what I am going to talk about for the next minutes of this review.

There is really nothing special about this album. Like the contemporary symphonic extreme metal groups, Chaotic Remains had fabricated a more symphonic offering but weaker in aggressiveness and lacking in catchiness album. I love the idea of extreme bands trying to go experimental with keyboards and orchestral sound on their music. There are bands who had been successful doing that method in the past, and a few in the present. However, even with a thought-provoking vision of Chaotic Remains to make a good release with their brand of music, the band had failed to deliver a notable album that will give the listeners a reason to keep it in the rack along with their collection.

The big flaw in this record is the played out and prevailing employment of the keyboards. Keyboards are good when a band knows how to use and utilize them with other instruments in an offering. I am not against bands that are bringing in keyboards in their music, but you have to be crafty in using it. Chaotic Remains had failed to do that in “We Are Legion“. The keyboards in here had smothered all the other instruments. It hauled the guitars to the back and at the same time, it competes with a loud tone against the drum sound.

The guitar sound is near inaudible here because the orchestration is all over the place. Both guitars do not have much to show for themselves and are both somewhere in the line of playing some half-decent riffs. Perhaps if the band had put them at the front of the mix, it would have served to make this offering less unrelieved than it is. Drum section is sometimes indistinguishable from the guitar chugging because of the keyboard symphonics that had buried everything. Bass section is also a disappointment as they blend in too well with the already indistinct rhythm guitar.

There are numerous brief period of times in the album where you will notice that the band is attempting to assault the audiences with their music but was unsuccessful to do so because of the overdone symphony and absent of crudeness and bleakness in the record. The outcome of the tracks is also a cliché. Every song sounds exactly the same and it does not progress at all. Right from the beginning of each track, the feeling will stay the same until the end and there is no feistiness to be found.

To cut this review short, “We Are Legion” is a dreadful album that could have been entertaining if Chaotic Remains had look to build on other elements rather than focusing solely on the symphonic side of the music. I really find it boring and I can’t find any reason why I should ever listen to the songs in this record again.

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Rating: 3.2/10


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