Brutality in its Simplest Essence

Brutality in its Simplest Essence

Band: Seventh Torture

Album: Seventh Torture (EP)

Released date: August 2017

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Country: Philippines

Label: Deranged Impaled Production


I usually am picky when it comes to listening to brutal death metal. All my years into listening to extreme music, there are only a few bands playing under the brutal death metal genre that I tend to follow. I really enjoy the brutal and technical approach of Suffocation and Deeds of Flesh. I also follow brutal bands who execute a style which gives you that feeling of being crushed with a massive wall of sound, like Disgorge and Brodequin. And, I do listen to brutal bands who showers you with grooves and good slam riffs, like Devourment.

Other than those mentioned brutal death metal bands above, I have a less knowledge about bands under that genre. There are few bands who imitated, and found success in doing it, the sound of those bands above and had pleased my taste though. Seventh Torture, a brutal death metal band hailing from Cebu City (Philippines), is one of those few brutal death metal bands that had captured my interest. What caught my attention about this Cebuano quartet is their brand of fast, crushing, abominable, aggressive, and without mercy brutal death metal music. Right from the beginning moments of this EP the listeners can already feel and taste how the band torments their instruments, using them as tools for torture.

The guitar work in this release is really heavily distorted, and it does not lack in creativity. Those who are new to the genre may find it hard to notice the good amount of riffs in the record, but through repeated listens you will start to figure out that the guitars present quite a unique style. While relentless speed is clearly the main factor in the album, a numerous amount of groove was dispersed throughout the riffs of each track and the open-ended transition between speed, catchiness, and technique really shows off. Bass is also audible in this offering of the band. The bass tone is beefed up, allowing it to provide a gut-wrenching undertone.

I also enjoy the drum work provided in this EP. I like how the drummer was able to handle everything well, from bringing forward a rapid blasting, hitting a quick bass snap, or even just providing the listeners a simple groovy beat. The triggered kicks do have a little too much of a click to them, but that is really something to expect from most bands in the brutal death genre. My favorite part when it comes to these brutal death metal groups are the vocals, and Seventh Torture‘s Glynford Cabarse did not fall short in excreting absolutely inhuman vocals on this EP. I have never really understood any single word he’s spewing and it’s likely that there are no lyrics in here, but Glynford does a good job with his vocal patterns.

Glynford utilizes all his proficiency with his good vocal skills. His vocal style is a blend of indecipherable deep growls and grunting low-pitched squeals, which sometimes sound cricket-like, that seems like he is a beast vomiting his own bowels through a ripped open throat. While the production in this EP is undoubtedly muddy, it does form to some extent a raw and gritty vibe for the overall offering. In terms of songwriting, Seventh Torture basically uses the same formula for each song, but they keep it short and straightforward; and that is one of the main reasons why I think this record attracts audiences.

To conclude, Seventh Torture‘s s/t EP is a release worth checking out for fans of Disgorge and their massive wall of sound approach. This here is 14 minutes and 46 seconds of repulsive, agonizing, and brutal death metal torture. The band released their debut full-length studio album last November 5th of 2017, now that is something that you fellas should track down and purchase.


Rating: 6.8/10


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