Thrash? Black? It Doesn’t Matter, As It Kicks Ass!

Thrash? Black? It Doesn’t Matter, As It Kicks Ass!

Band: Sungayan

Album: Garud nin Metal – Promo CD-R 2016 (Demo)

Released date: January 2016

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelUnsigned / Independent


What we have here is a two-track promo demo from Legazpi city Philippines’ Sungayan. The band is a thrash metal act which has a very strong traces of black metal and a bit of a classic punk touch. Introduced to me by Jay Orosa of the Filipino extreme metal group Exitus; Sungayan is a band that I have not heard of until this year. After Jay sent me a copy of their 2016 Promo CD-R “Garud nin Metal“, I was immediately staggered on the band’s furious raw approach when it comes to fabricating their craft.

To those who had been following my reviews, you all already know that this kind of infuriated and very angry thrash metal record entertains me the most. It’s stuff like this right here that always gives me a fucking eargasm! “Garud nin Metal” is one of those demo releases where it’s kind of hard to believe that it was made in 2016, as it is so damn fucking extreme. There is really no need for dark or melodramatic introductions on this demo. This right here just takes off with a loud bang right from the beginning. When we talk about the sound of the music in the demo, the style of early to late 80s extreme metal bands like Sarcófago, Hellhammer, Venom, Possessed, Beherit, and early Sepultura is very evident.

The music here is extremely mean, savage, and cold-blooded black/thrash of the extreme kind. One could even say that this sounds like it was manufactured years ago during the early stages and development of extreme metal music. This demo features that severe and brutish attack, particularly in the attitude of the tracks. The fucking guitars are razor-fucking-sharp and its dual assault brings forth a barrage of punishing and high-octane riffs galloping around. It is very primitive and its execution is in metal’s most aggressive form.

The prominent bass guitar also works hand-and-hand with the hail of blistering riffs. There are even moments where the bass seems like it acts as the rhythm and it highlights the heavy chugged and crunchy sections of the record. The drum work might be unsophisticated and a bit facile, but the man behind the band’s drum kit was still able to deliver some insane blast beats over the place which equals the distasteful discharge that the guitars had produced.

Sungayan‘s frontman spits out some of the crudest and unrefined proto-black metal screams and snarling early thrash vocals. The man is fucking screaming his lungs out and creating a hellish demonic sound which compliments the whole primitive aura of the demo. The production, as a whole, is loud and raw as hell. It’s my fucking cup of tea, the fact that this is one of those records that lack any of the polish work that most modern thrash metal bands have these days.

Obviously, I like this demo a hell of a lot. Too bad that the band only had two tracks included on this release, because if it had more tunes I would have given it a higher score. Perhaps in the coming future, we will witness Sungayan release another killer material with more violent and savage songs to enjoy.


Rating: 7.3/10

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