Primordial Speed/thrash/black Metal

Primordial Speed/thrash/black Metal

Band: Los Muertos

Album: La Santa de Puta y Santo de Hipocrito (Demo)

Released date: November 1st, 2012

Genre: Speed Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelUnsigned / Independent


DIY raw extreme metal recordings are the kinds of stuff that I enjoy a lot. I don’t care about polished production, though it helps a lot in some ways, a good album release for me is when a band is able to deliver their music with intense passion and pure dedication. And that is what Zamboanga’s Los Muertos was able to achieve with their “La Santa de Puta y Santo de Hipocrito” demo. It’s raw, loud and obnoxious!

The songs in this demo show a really heavy NWOBHM influence. You can clearly hear from the tracks that Los Muertos definitely was taking some cues from Motorhead and Venom, and incorporating it with their lecherous infatuation for the raw energy of punk rock. Listening to the raw screeching fuzz of the guitar, accompanied with some frequent screaming solos, as it shears through the whole album exhibits a display of pure impression. It is very evident that the undisguised riffs are capable of supporting the vocals, the snappy bass, and the grooving drums with its powerful thickness and dark tone.

The vocals are harsh and shouted, with that very traditional hardcore punk and classic speed metal I-don’t-give-a-fuck yells character. It also has a lot of raspy shrieks reverb on it. The vocal haulage might sound forced in some parts, but it still fits perfectly with the overall aggressive sound that Los Muertos was aiming to achieve. Bass is also as audible as the guitar on this demo. This may have been for the reason that the band wanted to accomplish the same sound as what NWOBHM bands were executing during the old days.

Drum work on this offering is pretty decent too. It’s very catchy, and it gives a total nostalgia of a period in time where one does not need to be a technically proficient drummer to sound good in an album. Pretty much every song, including their cover of Discharge‘s ‘Religion Instigate‘, is worth your while in this demo. Yes, the quality of the production leaves much to be desired on “La Santa de Puta y Santo de Hipocrito“. But this DIY offering is crucial for those who are interested in the sound of classic speed/thrash/black metal.

This is a demo that both pre-thrash metal and punk fans can really enjoy. There were only 6 copies of this cassette offering that was released. I suggest you contact Insvlter (guitarist) at for a trade, or to see if he still has a copy that is for sale. This release is savage, passionate, fierce, and oozing with power. It’s a DIY album that will sit well in any banger’s collection.


Rating: 6.5/10


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