This Demo Will Make You Mosh

This Demo Will Make You Mosh

Band: Paraphrenic Hostility

Album: Prepare for War (Demo)

Released date: April 12th, 2014

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines



Here we have the debut demo offering of the Filipino thrash metal quintet, Paraphrenic Hostility. I’ve been listening to a lot of bands playing in the thrash genre here in the Philippines for around nine or ten years now, but this right here is something else. I am telling you people that this right here is the first release that I’ve listened where from the moment I played the first track I can instantly hear that East Coast thrash metal meets Bay Area thrash and Teutonic thrash influences.

The guitars in this demo possessed really crunchy riffs like those you find in Anthrax and S.O.D., while at the same time it has the aggressiveness of the guitar works that you can find in an Exodus, Death Angel, and early Kreator materials. Hell, there are even times where you can hear a clear hint of Suicidal Tendencies thrown-in to the mix. The record is loaded with really fucking heavy chugging riffs which sometimes even go lightning fast. Yes they may not be that complex, but those riffs are more than enough to make the listeners go pound their chests and start shoving people to start a pit. And the guitar solos endowed here are also enjoyable.

Audiences can also find numerous agile bass lines in this demo which really spiced things up. The bass is perceptible and in some moments you can notice how it interweaves a number of memorable lines amidst the guitar madness and killer guitar solos. Plus, it is perfect in the mix as it locked in with the violent drums provided. The drum section of this release is very powerful and thunderous, yielded with a fair share of teutonic jackhammering. It even goes off punching and gets you going on occasions. The coalition of the bass and the drums is pretty much dominating through the whole offering.

I also dig the barking vocals provided here. It may not be as special as other vocal deliveries found in standout thrash metal records, but its vexed nature made it an ideal fit to the songs. The overall production of this demo is really good and it does not sound overdone. All of the instruments are heard crystal clear throughout the whole record, especially the bass which is really prominent the whole playing time of the album.

Overall, “Prepare for War” is a demo that is worthy to be praised as appealing and memorable. The three tracks in here will make you want to start a fucking mosh, and will give you the urge to smash people’s faces off. If there were more songs in this release, and if this was a full-length, I would have scored it higher than I did now. I am really looking forward to see these fellow Filipinos furnish a full studio offering in the future. I do have a copy of the Paraphrenic Hostility‘s 2015 split with Mongrelblood, and the band brought forth another solid materials included on that release.


Rate: 6.9/10


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