To See Beforehand a Merciless Impending Offering

To See Beforehand a Merciless Impending Offering

Band: Mass Hypnosia

Album: Vicious (Demo)

Released date: March 18, 2017

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

Label: RTR


Last October 22nd of this year, I received a package from Karl Rosales of the Filipino death/thrash metal trio Mass Hypnosia. The box contained their new official merch, promo CD that is not for sale, and latest demo release “Vicious“. If you fellas had been following my blog then you might have read my reviews on their “Attempt to Assassinate” debut, “Merciless Metal Destruktors split release with the Cagayan De Oro-based black/thrash metal act Sadistor, and their sophomore full-length album “Toxiferous Cyanide“.

Going back on the said package, I had been waiting to get my hands on the band’s new material that is why I was really glad when I saw that sir Karl had included a tape version of the new demo in the parcel. And after playing the tape on my old cassette player, I again was fully satisfied of the tunes fabricated by Mass Hypnosia.

Vicious” holds a number of new songs by the band, several unreleased tracks, live materials, and killer cover songs of Demolition Hammer‘s ‘44 Caliber Brain Surgery‘ and Brain Dead‘s ‘Eternal War‘. The moment I heard the track ‘Death Sweep‘ and ‘Vicious‘, I instantly noticed that the vocals done by Karl on this release are more savage than ever. The previous vocal delivery that you can find on their prior releases was already a beast of a conveyance, but in this demo it sounds more fierce and cruel.

This offering also did not fail to deliver fatal and terrific fast sequenced guitar riffings. Like their earlier crafts, we are blasted with a barrage of chaotic guitar proficiency and mastery. Furthermore, the drum work in here is again in a top-notch level with all those gunfire of hard striking and battering blasts. The bass may be understated because of the raw nature of the album, but it does provide a solid reinforcement to the ripping assault of the guitar.

Even the tribute tracks that they had covered sounds more better than the original versions. Now don’t get me wrong fellas, Demolition Hammer and Brain Dead (Malaysia) did great with their original versions, but Mass Hypnosia seems to just get it all right on point when it comes to performing songs with their intense and unconcealed approach.

Altogether, “Vicious” is one hell of a foretaste of what the band has for us in the coming future. This is a solid slab of a demo, and it is extremely worth collecting for both your death and thrash metal music treasury. The only reason why I am not giving this record a perfect score is the fact that it is not a full-length offering. Outside that rationale, this demo is a perfect DIY album. I recommend it to every extreme metal enthusiast out there who has a great taste for pure unrefined metal music.


Rate: 8.6/10

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