Impeccable Pessimistic Atmosphere & Aggressiveness

Impeccable Pessimistic Atmosphere & Aggressiveness

Band: Naga

Album: Inanimate (EP)

Released date: March 25th, 2017

Genre: Sludge/Doom Metal

Country: Italy

LabelEverlasting Spew Records


Here we have an Italian sludge/doom metal trio introduced to me by an old mate of mine from Italy. I wasn’t aware of the existence of the band until Tito, my mentioned friend, suggested them to me and recommended me to check out the band’s materials. Knowing that my mate had always gave me good recommendations of great bands even before, I immediately went to the Bandcamp link that he sent me and blast on the band’s tunes.

What welcomed me after I clicked the link was an antagonistic, down-tempo, dark, and sludgy extreme style of music. Released in digital format under Everlasting Spew Records this year, “Inanimate” is Naga‘s second EP and third overall album release. The EP version form Everlasting Spew contains four tracks from the original vinyl published by Lay Bare Recordings and a bonus song called ‘Worm‘. This bonus track was not included on the original release.

Inanimate” carries an unblemished fusion of sluggish tempos, crunchy and dark rhythms, pessimistic atmosphere, and untainted aggression. It is very clear from hearing the output of this record that Naga knows very well how to integrate the elements of sludge with the aura of black metal. The very dense and atrocious vibe of the tunes in this EP will give you nostalgia of the works of Iron Monkey, Eyehategod, and Primitive Man while at the same time it will bring to mind traces and fragments of the darkest black metal music that is available in the extreme metal community.

The shouted vocals of Lorenzo De Stefano provides a very solid pillar to the thus far well rendered execution of the guitar, bass, and drums. Listening to the songs in this record sent a shiver down in my spine. The murkiness and very morbid character of this offering will take the listeners to dimensions of the unknown. Outside the album’s extremely clandestine feel, it does not come short of sheer hostility and feistiness. One can easily sense the very robust hardcore punk influence of the band with the clear presence it conveys in each track.

Inanimate” is a solid effort that is truly worthy of acquiring. The songs are well composed, the ambiance is quite haunting, and the esoteric lyrics tethered it all together to produce a satisfying EP. Naga is a band that I will certainly continue to listen to in the years to come. The trio knows their way with their instruments and they have a clear path to where they like to take their music. Never miss to pick this offering if you dig sludge and black metal.


Rating: 6.9/10

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