An Opus Packed With Utter Darkness

An Opus Packed With Utter Darkness

Band: Corpus Diavolis

Album: Atra Lumen

Released date: April 6th, 2017

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: France

LabelAeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum


Atra Lumen” is the third full-length studio record of the French black/death metal horde Corpus Diavolis. To those of you who haven’t heard of the band yet, they had been offering one of the most veiled and dismal extreme music materials in the French underground for nine odious years. But unlike most of the bands playing in the genre of hybridized black and death metal, Corpus Diavolis renders a more catastrophic whisked of black metal and death metal elements; complemented with some heavy amount of ponderous doom segments.

This is actually my first time listening to a whole album produced by the band. I wasn’t really aware of their existence until my mate Franz, of The Pit of the Damned, introduced me to them by giving me a copy of the band’s third studio offering. The moment I got access of the band’s material, I immediately got hooked on their brand of obscure doom-laden black/death metal music.

First thing that one can notice about this album is the dusky and extremely foul ambiance that each song provides. Such vibe that the eight tracks carries had yielded a very heavy feel into the overall output of the album. Both the slow-paced and mid-paced sections of album were impeccably executed by Corpus Daivolis. Hell, there are even a number of fast pacing moments in the album where the band had showed quite some skill once they put their focus on to it.

The down-tuned guitars assembled grotesque riffs that flows on the forty-four minute run of the record. These riffs strikes hard as if it shakes the earth with abominable force that it’ll open the gates of hell and sink the whole humanity to dust. But even with its low-tuned pitch, both guitars were still able to deliver some clear black and death metal fragments in the mix.

The drum work in the album might not be the most complex or esoteric drumming that you’ll hear in the extreme metal genre, but it bears a dense and igniting zest that will certainly take its audiences to a chest-pumping and headbanging barrage. Plus the drum blast beats doesn’t stay stagnant the whole time, it shows a great variety of form thrown-in by the drummer which brings a more varied approach in the whole offering.

Another upside about this release is the ancestral black metal harsh screeches and ritualistic temperament on the vocal part. I love it when a band’s front man does not overdo his role in that area. The more straightforward it is, the more it gives a fitting outcome. Production wise, the record also does not fall short in that category. Everything in here was mixed well, and it highlighted every aspect that the band wanted to in the release.

I also find the record’s album cover very fascinating. It might not be as radiant or evil as the other art covers in the extreme music realm, but it put on to view the utmost darkness and anguish that one should expect in a material put out by Corpus Diavolis. Well, after all, it does not take an expert on arts to recognize an exquisite handiwork.

To cut this review short, “Atra Lumen” is an opus packed with utter darkness and black art influence. This is worth the money to purchase, and it’s one of the fine offerings under the black/death metal genre that I had listened to in a while.

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Rating: 6.8/10

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