An Incredible Slab of Catchy Extreme Metal

An Incredible Slab of Catchy Extreme Metal

Band: Exitus

Album: Black Rot n’ Roll (EP)

Released date: April 21st, 2017

Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelThis Metal Lust Productions


If you enjoy an enthralling and interesting extreme metal music, then you have got to get a copy of this downright catchy EP called “Black Rot n’ Roll” by the Filipino extreme metal act Exitus. Now I really enjoyed their sophomore demo “Rot ‘Em All“. With all those old school elements and influences clearly highlighted on that release, I was awed by the overall result that the band had come up. And after spinning this 2017 offering, I was even more astonished by the result.

Basically, what this record hold is a perpetuation of the band’s impressive song writing heard from their earlier releases. Again we are provided here with killer raw extreme metal tunes that has some intelligible speed metal traits. Quick-paced, energetic, and catchy; these are the words that best describe “Black Rot n’ Roll“. And beyond those evident temperaments of Exitus‘s crafts, listeners can distinctly recognize the talent of the artists behind this project.

The feisty character of the instruments played on this album might be straightforward and very recognizable; but its loud amplifications and strapping executions, along with the spot-on haulage of the band members, will leave the listeners with a satisfactory reverence to the band. The muzzy production of the album gives the guitar, the bass, the drum, and the vocal delivery a very absorbing end result. It’s mixing like these that are most appealing to my ears. Don’t misunderstand me fellas, I like clean production as well, but there’s nothing like some good ol’ fervid audio mastering.

Another remarkable facet about this offering is the lyrics of the songs. We can easily tell that they have some substantial knowledge about the heavy and extreme metal genre with the words used in the lyrics of the tracks here. It pretty much covers everything that proficient metal bands had been vomiting since the groundbreaking days of the genre. It might not be as deep in meaning as how other acts overdo it, but it kicks in a sense that fans can sink in without going all nerdy and stuff.

Now in my own opinion, it is the vocal style that really stands out in this EP. That utterly high-pitched traditional black metal shriek perfectly suits the sound that Exitus had yielded with this album. As a matter of fact, to be straight, I have always been a fan of those fiercely energetic and intense chilling vocals of their prior records. I wasn’t able to mention it before, on my review about their “Rot ‘Em All” demo, because it was not that definite. But with this record, it sticks out and catches the ear of the audiences.

Black Rot n’ Roll” is an exceptional offering from a band that already bestowed us with staggering preceding releases. Every instrument, needless to say the vocal part, is completely audible despite its lo-fi production. With three demos and an EP in just three straight years, these guys are more than ready to fabricate a studio full-length album.


Rating: 8.7/10

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