No Bullshit, Just Raw And Pure Extreme Music!

No Bullshit, Just Raw And Pure Extreme Music!

Band: Exitus

Album: Rot ‘Em All (Demo)

Released date: March 13th, 2016

Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelUnsigned / Independent


Now this is the kind of demo release that I have always craved for in a DIY extreme metal offering. The crunchy and murky guitar tone, the extremely-noisy-that-it-makes-it-all-sound-good drum hammering, and that fiercely energetic and intense chilling vocal delivery; if those mentioned did not gave you a sweet eargasm after listening to this killer demo then there is clearly a fucking problem with you. Either that or you’re really just a fucking wimp and a poseur!

What we have here is the sophomore demo offering of the Filipino underground extreme metal trio, Exitus. Now these savage metal maniaks have been around the Philippine’s underground metal realm for quite a while. 2001 was the year that the band was formed, and by 2015 they unleashed their first demo “Let Them Rot!!!” which held four viciously crude tracks that will remind the listeners about the early years of extreme metal. “Rot ‘Em All“, the material that I am currently reviewing, is the follow-up to their vintage debut release. And this demo is as nasty as the band’s first material.

I am not the old school purist type of a metal enthusiast or anything, but this is the type of record that I suggest modern extreme music bands of these days should take as a role model. The whole 11 minutes and 26 seconds of playtime of this demo delivers four harsh and cold-blooded songs with nihilistic fury and pure fervent metal attitude, topped with some Venom and Motörhead-fueled speed metal. The elements of black metal, death metal, early “brutal” thrash metal and late 70s speed metal were perfectly fused by Exitus to assemble this offering.

Listening to this reminded me of the works of Apokalyptic Raids, Hellhammer, Sarcófago, Vulcano and early Celtic Frost while at the same time it gave me a nostalgia of music made by Motörhead, Venom, early Sodom, and Warfare. After mentioning those cvlt acts and illustrious speed demons. I am pretty sure that you fellas get what I mean. That Exitus is one of those groups that serves as a precise exemplary of what pure raw and old school metal should sound like. Even the lyrics of the songs in here has that pack of punch and untainted truculent manner that’ll absolutely make wussies shit on their pants.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention how I dig that nefarious, in an extremely good way, piece of cover art that the band had picked for this record. Just looking at it tells you that you have picked up something that would totally obliterate everything on its way. It publicly put on to view how the trio pays homage and great honor to those who had revolutionized the genre during its early days.

Now to sum up this review, “Rot ‘Em All” is a staggering demo that fans of old school extreme metal, and old school rock ‘n’ roll pundits, should go and hunt down. I am really awed about how Exitus was able to excellently mimic the teachings of our heavy metal, and extreme metal, forefathers and put out an preeminent craft of their own. It’s local Filipino metal bands like these guys that deserves all that dutifully firm and unwavering support from extreme music connoisseurs.


Rating: 8.6/10

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