Trve Cvlt of a Demo

Trve Cvlt of a Demo

Band: Necrovore

Album: Divus de Mortuus (Demo)

Released date: March 1987

Genre: Death Metal

Country: United States

LabelUnsigned / Independent


During the year 1987, there were numerous bands who put out solid albums that left a lasting impact in the extreme music genre. Death released their debut “Scream Bloody Gore“, Morbid Angel unleashed their raw three-track demo “Thy Kingdom Come”, Canada’s Slaughter launched their studio full-length “Strappado“, and Napalm Death disseminated their debut studio album “Scum“. Out of the killer extreme metal classics that went out those days, there were two records that even nowadays are regarded as groundbreaking for the flourishing extreme music scene. Those albums are Sarcófago‘s “I.N.R.I.“, and Mayhem‘s “Deathcrush” EP. And I most certainly believe that Texas’ Necrovore should join the ranks of Mayhem and Sarcófago when we talk about releasing a cvlt album back in those days.

Divus de Mortuus” is the only demo that was released by the short-lived death metal act from New Braunfels, Necrovore. Now, this demo is a trve cvlt! The intensity and rawness found in this record matches those of what you can find on Sarcófago‘s “I.N.R.I.“. These guys were one of the few bands who played the most extreme and advance music in the metal scene during those times. Even the sounds of primitive era bands like Possessed, Hellhammer, Sodom, and Kreator are of no match with the level of bleakness that Necrovore had produced with this demo.

The guitars are really dirty and distorted, as well as the pugnacious and aggressive drum work, yet both of those elements did not ruin the overall output as it only made a more evil and killer effect to the whole demo. Jon DePlachett spews out an excellent vocal delivery with his demonic and manic shrieks. His vocal performance is in the echelon as of Wagner Antichrist. Even the unobtrusive bass line did not make the demo less appealing, because all the other elements in the album had already established an essential role that made the frailty of the bass unheeded.

To reach the pinnacle of this review, I highly recommend this demo to all pundits of old school raw and violent extreme metal. If you people believe that Mayhem and Sarcófago were the only bands that perfectly defined the word ‘cvlt’ during their time, Necrovore‘s “Divus de Mortuus” will demonstrate to you how fucking wrong you are. It just sucks how the band only existed for two years and decided to lay down their extreme metal artillery early.


Rating: 10/10


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