Exquisite Old School Death Metal Debut

Exquisite Old School Death Metal Debut

Band: Amaranhig

Album: Bagong Katay

Released date: March 26th, 2017

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Philippines

Label: Unsigned / Independent


Amaranhig is just one of the few straightforward Filipino death metal bands that I truly dig. These guys had made a strong following in the underground with their deadly and wicked self-released materials. I first heard about the band’s name around late 2013 or early 2014. They had come up several times to conversations with fellow extreme music aficionados when we talked about good underground bands in the Philippines.

Last week I received a package containing my order of their debut full-length “Bagong Katay“. Right after the delivery dude handed the album to me, I immediately went to my room and blasted the whole album for 30 minutes and more. I was awed by the relentless and fervent brand of death metal music that these guys had crafted. They live up with all the praises that I heard about them. Man, these guys are really one of the best in their domain! I am truly impressed by the materials that they were able to put out with their first full-length offering. This is old school death metal played the way it should be!

If there’s one thing that you people should know about me it’s that when it comes to death metal, the more archaic the sound, the more pleased I am with the experience. And Amaranhig had delivered all the goods that I am looking for in a DM release with “Bagong Katay“. With their lyrical theme (all written in the local dialect of Tagalog) covering subjects of gore, death, and anthropophagist; these guys are probably one of the best Filipino extreme metal acts who can write premier lyrics of carnage and horror. But it doesn’t just stop on that division, because they sure had managed to match their filthy lyrics with a sound that is just as vile and revolting.

This record will smother the listeners with blood and horrors, as it entombs those who dare listens in a cavernous grave of twisted riffs and monstrous vocals. The thing you will also notice most about this album is how perfectly the production was done to match the old school style that the band is evoking. Everything was blended well together in here, and one can clearly notice the reverberation of the heavy bass which is completely distinguishable with respect to the guitars, drums and vocals.

The prominence about Amaranhig‘s music goes not on the speed or technicality of their approach, but with their integration of elements on their songs and the atmosphere that the output had created. The band have fast early thrash metal parts, slow doom sections, and a mouthful of chug filled mid-paced old school death metal chunks. All of those was executed well by this death metal quartet, and that is the main reason why they were able to fabricate a sickeningly chaotic record.

Utterly, this Filipino OSDM group had put out a memorable and haunting offering with “Bagong Katay“. This is the kind of death metal record that has a reasonable claim to take its place upon any serious extreme metal connoisseurs’ collection. This is essential to those of you who are deeply fascinated in the genre’s glory days.


Rating: 8.6/10


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