Satanas is Impressed

Satanas is Impressed

Band: Kalabira

Album: Hypokrito (EP)

Released date: May 2016

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Philippines

Label: Unsigned / Independent


As far as I know, there aren’t many black metal bands coming from Cebu. There are loads of great death metal and thrash metal acts in Cebu, but it is rare to find a black metal group such as Kalabira. It was the year 2015 when I left Cebu and went home to my motherland Zamboanga Sibugay. Before I left the city I witnessed numerous extreme music shows with killer extreme music bands performing, but I wasn’t able to catch Kalabira back then.

It was August 5th of this year, during the Angelcorpse tour, where I first witnessed Kalabira played live and I was impressed by their performance. Ever since, I had been looking for an opportunity to grab a copy of their “Hypokrito” EP. Then came Vader‘s Rise of the Empire tour where Kalabira was also listed as part of the performing acts, and I finally had the chance to purchase the band’s first EP. The band killed it with their set during the event, and I was pumped to go home and blast my new copy of “Hypokrito“.

This EP is a fucking impressive! The three original tracks, and one cover, are totally intense and well done. These guys reminded me a lot of 1349 and Marduk with their relentless and aggressive attack on the overall offering. The grisly vocals, furious drumming, and the razor blade sounding guitars are the absolutely stand out elements of this release. Those elements coalesced well altogether and the band delivered a quality black metal record with a fairly unique style and insanely fast and precise musicianship display.

The overall production of the offering is also my cup of tea. The mixing was well done that it highlighted and brought forth that bellicose and truculent nature of the tracks in the record. To those of you that have yet to hear this work of art, I will do you all a favor of summarizing the EP in a short sentence; “Hypokrito” is fast, savage, and remorseless!

This EP is a worthy purchase and I recommend it to fans of the black metal genre. I am quite sure that these guys are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the Philippine extreme music scene. I am also very certain that even the king of the bottomless pit, Satan, is impressed with this EP.


Rating: 7.6/10


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