A ‘Comme il Faut’ Modern Black Metal Album

A ‘Comme il Faut’ Modern Black Metal Album

Band: Novae Militiae

Album: Affliction of the Divine

Released date: December 15th, 2011

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

LabelNihilward Productions


With all those technical and progressive bands that had sprouted out around the extreme music scene of France, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how talented and good their black metal groups really are. Bands like Deathspell Omega, Blut aus Nord, Aosoth, and The 135 are just some of the few French black metal acts that had manufactured a number of remarkable and instructively typical records that enthusiasts of the said genre had enjoyed listening to in the 21st century. Novae Militiae belongs to this circle of proficient class talents.

Novae Militiae is a black metal band hailing from the most populous city of France, Paris. With the release of the debut full-length “Affliction of the Divine” in mid-December of the year 2011, the group had made their name notable to the scene and had impressed a crowd of fans of BM which included myself. The thing about this offering is that the atmosphere here has that manner of totally working its way into the listeners’ heads. Each of the five tracks in this album has that cold, grim, and evil atmosphere that a good black metal offering should have.

The chilling, dark, and dismal guitar work, and tremolo riffs, in this debut will make your blood run cold with its mid-paced (with some momentary fast parts) and ritualistic mien. This kind of guitar pacing made it a perfect fit to the record, as it ideally balanced the chaotic and smoggy sound patterns which supported the gloomy aura of the whole composition.

Another great thing about the guitar is that it made the absence of the bass not a big problem for the album to enthral the audiences. Don’t get me wrong, the bass is actually there, but it is roughly inaudible to the ears. The sturdy disposition of the drums had managed to fortify the album’s tower of strength, which also reinforced it with a headbanging mood and had given it a total heavy feel.

When we talk about the vocal delivery, it correlates well with the songs in the record. Its rough, yet toned down, and jarring to the senses ethos made it well-suited to the debut’s hecatomb leitmotif undercurrent. And, as always when it comes to crude and unrefined album production, I most certainly dig the unclean and anarchic production did by the audio engineer. The mixing had intensified the whole offering with its raw assembly.

All factors considered, “Affliction of the Divine” is one of the most authentic twenty-first-century black metal releases that I have heard. The whole offering is a decent release and it sure has that noteworthy trait which hauls a great attraction to myriad congregations of the BM genre. Track this album down and get your copy! I recommend this to those who are seeking for a grimly meditative extreme music record.


Rating: 7.9/10


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