Behold…..Forbidden Evil

Behold…..Forbidden Evil

Band: Forbidden

Album: Forbidden Evil

Released date: September 30th, 1988

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: United States

LabelCombat Records


This debut studio offering by the west coast thrash metal act Forbidden is one of the reasons why I fucking love the genre. Named after Forbidden‘s previous band name, “Forbidden Evil” is one hell of an album that will unquestionably give the listeners all the fulfillment that they are looking for in a thrash metal release. The words ‘extremely uncompromising’, ‘two-fisted’, and ‘savage’ are the perfect designations to describe this beast of a magnum opus.

From the moment that the first track plays, it hurls a fistful of remarkably supersonic guitar riffs and piercing solos all over. The band packs a lethal combination of Glen Alvelais and Craig Locicero, who both displays pure guitar wizardry when it comes to engineering exemplary solo trade-offs. The performance of Glen and Craig demonstrated how the two can stand on their own and compete against the then renowned axe maestros of the genre. Matt Camacho also did well on his obligation behind the bass guitar. Notwithstanding that Matt‘s bass can seldom be heard on this offering, he still did quite appropriately in dispensing a prominent yet unpresumptuous resonance that contributed to the overall full-flavored vibe of the record.

Paul Bostaph, who now hammers behind the drums of the mighty Slayer, was a pure fucking brute on his drum work. The dude is a speed-god, as he deftly pummels those blistering beats while at the same time accomplishing the conveyance in a definite way. Moreover, Paul supplied a number of diverse drumming which will leave those who will listen in awe. And finally, we go to Russ Anderson‘s imposing vocal display on this debut. Russ is one of my favorite classic thrash metal front-men, for he uses a distinct and a one of a kind style like Joey Belladonna. Perhaps his vocals played the greatest role that made this album memorable, seeing that it’s the strongest element that carved a mark on the listeners’ brains.

The only complaint that I have for “Forbidden Evil” is the unsophisticated and run-of-the-mill lyrical themes. The customary lyrical topics about religion and paranormal entities that were utilized by the crowd of bands during those times are evidently existing here. Other than that, I can find no more downside on this record.

In closing this review, I strongly vouch for this album as an instant classic. It is indisputably one of those old school record releases that can go head-on with the offerings put out by the chief acts of the thrash metal genre in the 80s.


Rating: 9.2/10

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