Almost, But Not Quite

Almost, But Not Quite

Band: Stormtroopers of Death

Album: Bigger than the Devil

Released date: May 17th, 1999

Genre: Hardcore/Crossover/Thrash Metal

Country: United States

LabelNuclear Blast


Fourteen years after S.O.D. released their debut studio album “Speak English or Die“, they decided to issue a follow-up in the form of “Bigger than the Devil“. By this time, a lot had changed when it comes to the music style that they fabricated since the aforementioned debut. The groovy frenzy that Pantera started after their “Cowboys from Hell” album had a very lucid impact on this sophomore release by S.O.D. And that influenced was the reason why “Bigger than the Devil” failed to satisfy most fans of the band.

Many fiends of the metal genre had always assumed that Stormtroopers of Death can always find a loophole in the ears of the critics. The reason behind this assumption is the fact that their compositions were always about parody and humor. But their jokes and witticism weren’t able to save them this time around; as the old saying goes, ‘Assumption is the mother of all failures.’

Despite the fact that this record was unsatisfactory, it did have memorable tracks that reminded me of the band’s glory days. Tunes like ‘Kill The Assholes‘, ‘Shenanigans‘, ‘Moment of Truth‘, and ‘Monkeys Rule‘ has those feisty and bellicose thrash-oriented riffs that showcase Scott Ian‘s virtuosity in producing catchy guitar improvisations. In addition to those songs is the track ‘Aren’t You Hungry‘. The said song is comprised of crunchy and mid-paced quality riffs brought to us by Scott, added with some twisted and pounding bass lines administered by Dan, and every so often appended with some pretty swift drumming from Charlie.

The rest of the album isn’t that convincing and memorable anymore, as it displeased many of their adherents including yours truly. I used to believe that Stormtroopers of Death are one of those super-groups that will never fail to entertain the zealots of the genre, but this album disclosed that impression.

For the most part, “Bigger than the Devil” is an offering that lacked the quality of what the band was able to assemble back with “Speak English or Die“. It utterly flunked to fulfill my hopes and expectations for a prominent comeback from the band after years of hiatus. I don’t suggest you people to pick this one up, unless you are one of those who does not care about a record’s inadequacy. I’m sorry Billy, but it’s just not good enough.


Rating: 4.8/10


One thought on “Almost, But Not Quite

  1. Great review pal! I agree with you here. This was a disappointment. Only moment that I was entertained by this was because of Ballad of Phil H. lol


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