Valueless….a Feckless Piece of Garbage!

Valueless….a Feckless Piece of Garbage!

Band: Whitechapel

Album: The Somatic Defilement

Released date: July 31st, 2007

Genre: Deathcore

Country: United States

LabelSiege of Amida Records


I am not the type of guy who enjoys deathcore records a lot. I have a certain taste when it comes to listening to this style. In fact, Divine Heresy and All Shall Perish are the only bands that I dig when we talk about the genre, and those two bands aren’t even playing pure deathcore music. Those two play a more technical approach rather than deathcore’s chuggy breakdown-filled character.

I also enjoyed early deathcore releases of Job for a Cowboy and The Faceless. That was the time before these guys took their music to the realm of technical death metal. Other than those bands, I never really took the time to explore this genre and look for more artists who plays such style. Not even today. Let’s just say that my interest in this genre had always depended on the albums put out by those four mentioned bands above.

Now, Whitechapel is a Tennessee-based deathcore group that had been around quite a while. Never have I heard a song from these guys until I decided to listen to their debut studio record yesterday just to see if they have any potential. After listening to their debut, I opted to hear their follow-up materials. Finally, after four awful records from the band, I decided to stop. Then I came to a conclusion that I wasted half of a good day, owing to the fact that I took the time to tuned in to Whitechapel‘s crappy albums.

The Somatic Defilement is a shoddy piece of deathcore music that should not have been issued into the public. And honestly speaking, this is the only bearable album that the band had put out. The rest of their later records are a bunch of a more degraded carbon-copy of the debut. See, it’s releases like these that made me stay away from picking up any materials from this music class. Even their three guitar players weren’t able to give the album a lift. Really Whitechapel???! You had all the reinforcement that you can get, yet you guys have still failed to deliver even just a little amount of respectability to your album.

The whole offering is comprised of shitty generic breakdowns that even an eight year old can play much better, if that certain eight year old kid was taught well. Every damn track in here is loaded with pesky and annoying breakdowns. That’s just one of the worst parts in this album. Another nauseating facet of this album is the triggered drumming. Often times when it comes to mediocre releases the drum section can save the whole album, but in this case it only made the whole listening experience more boring than ever. And then there’s the feeble high pitched vocal cry of their frontman. Does he even know that he is not going to impress anyone no matter how hard he tries? I mean, his vocal delivery is utterly shallow, uninspired, and bizarre.

All-inclusively, The Somatic Defilement is a crummy and good-for-nothing debut album. I won’t even bother expect that the band will make a decent release someday. I’ve listened to four of their six studio album yesterday and none gave any justice to my ears. Oh boy, I sure regret that I took their records into consideration yesterday.


Rating: 0/10


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