A Wolf in a Flock of Sheep

A Wolf in a Flock of Sheep

Band: Nailbomb

Album: Point Blank

Released date: March 8th, 1994

Genre: Industrial Thrash Metal

Country: United States

LabelRoadrunner Records


In the grounds of industrial metal, forming a super-group side project mostly leads to a disappointing result. Numerous metal artists from both the late 90s and the late 2000s did it, and most of them failed to deliver what they expected to supply when they decided to form their new side projects. The duo of Alex Newport and Max Cavalera was an exception.

A year after Seputura released their groove-loaded record “Chaos A.D.“, Max and Fudge Tunnel‘s Alex Newport decided to published their Nailbomb debut album “Point Blank“. Unlike the customary releases of the great number of super-group side projects during those times, Point Blank had risen above and showed the rest of the flock that Nailbomb had something superb to offer in the metal scene.

Point Blank is a pretty solid album which even features much more relentless and immense riffs than Sepultura‘s “Chaos A.D.“. The guitar section on this album arrays that very strong hardcore characteristic which Max and Alex melded well with repeating metal guitar riffs. The output of this concoction produced a crushing and pulverizing effect. What made the tracks on this record more headbangable to the listeners is that it is complimented by crunchy and crisp bass lines. One minor setback here is the vocal work. The vocals, though aggressive in a sense, are lacking in power and are clearly inhibited. It manifested the kind of style that Alex does with his full time band. And despite the fact that the drum section — mostly done by Igor Cavalera of Sepultura — sounds like it was done by programmed drums, it is staggeringly impressive, refreshing, and superb.

The lyrical theme laid out on this release is rather vexed and politically hate-filled. It evidently conveys a strong resemblance to Sepultura‘s straight-up realistic lyrical writings that talk about a lot of messed up political subjects and social commentaries. Newport also did a great job in mixing the album. For all we know his sound engineering skill is pretty substantial, as what it revealed on the finished product of this debut release.

Altogether, Point Blank is a memorable concept album with a convincing and meritable quality. To this day, the album stands as living proof that not all industrial metal super-group albums are damned to failure. This record has all the rights to be added to every metalhead’s music collection. This ain’t no Schizophrenia, Beneath the Remains, or Hate Songs in E Minor; but it will sure give you the satisfaction of blasting a good metal record.


Rating: 6.8/10





One thought on “A Wolf in a Flock of Sheep

  1. Better than Chaos A.D. if I may. This one’s a good mainstream album. Guest the mainstream scene during the 90s doesn’t suck as much as now.


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