This Machine Should be Terminated

This Machine Should be Terminated

Band: Sepultura

Album: Machine Messiah

Released date: January 13th, 2017

Genre: Nu-Metal

Country: Brazil

LabelNuclear Blast


I was 14 years old when I first heard a Sepultura tune. It was back the summer of 2003, and I was back at my hometown in the island of Olutanga Zamboanga Sibugay, when my cousin from the city visited us and introduced me to the music of Sepultura. My cousin had a cassette of the band’s sixth studio album, Roots, and he always played it every day during the time he was with us. I got hooked to it and Sepultura became one of the first metal bands that I had known. Back then my hometown had no access of the internet, as it is located far south in a remote island in the Philippines, that is why getting information about bands was really difficult.

It was not until my freshman year in college that I started to dig more deeper into the realm of metal that I discovered Sepultura‘s “Morbid Visions“, “Schizophrenia“, “Beneath the Remains“, “Arise“, and “Chaos A.D.“. The moment I found out about those albums, I lost interest to “Roots” and started collecting their old records. With what I discussed above I think it’s pretty clear that outside the mentioned albums earlier, I never picked up any later records from this band. And after listening to their latest “Machine Messiah” offering, it reinforced my satisfaction of having no regrets in not following the band.

Machine Messiah summarizes the reason why a lot of metalheads — who once followed Sepultura — do not purchase any of the band’s releases anymore. The album carried on the band’s more ‘groove-laden merged with modern djent’ style of metal. Andreas Kisser‘s repetitive usage of grooves and unessential utilization of djent tunes are very well documented in this album. Grooves and high-gained distorted palm-muted low-pitch guitar sounds are only good when the musician who is using it knows where and when to insert it. But utilizing them ceaselessly in an album will only make the whole output dull. The drum work is decent, when we talk about the technical section of Eloy Casagrande‘s drumming, but then as the record goes on it gets a bit of a cliché and unvarying. And don’t even get me started on insulting Derrick Green’s horrible vocal yelling. The dude is just plain annoying behind the mic.

I can continue to talk about how unforgivably cringe-worthy the album is, but I know that it isn’t going to change anything. Modern mainstream fans might buy this kind of release, but not me. I am pretty sure that the connoisseurs of true extreme metal music, and old the old guards, will find this album unworthy to even just waste the time of discussing.

Sepultura might have stood up for what they believe when they took this musical path, but it’s clearly not working for them when it comes to creating a solid and memorable album. It might work for kids these days and sell a couple of copies, however it failed to impress those who have seen the band’s true potential supposing they stayed genuine to their old (“Morbid Visions” to “Arise” era to be precise) musical style.

To sum it all up, I suggest that you stay away from Machine Messiah as far as you can. This record is very dreadful and it’s not worth the spin if you want to enjoy good old metal music. Somebody please tell Andreas and the rest of the band to just stop making new unnecessary releases and just call it quits already.


Rating: 2/10


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