Death/Black/Thrash Metal Madness Showing No Mercy

Death/Black/Thrash Metal Madness Showing No Mercy

Band: Mass Hypnosia / Sadistor

Album: Merciless Metal Destruktors (Split)

Released date: September 15th, 2013

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal & Black/Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelDethrone Records


What we have here is another killer magnum opus coming from my beloved Philippines. Since I started reviewing materials here in metal archives I’ve been writing about albums from local bands in my country, but this is the first time that I will be reviewing a split album. Merciless Metal Destruktors is the 2013 split record released by two of the remorseless and frisky underground extreme metal bands from the Philippines, Mass Hypnosia and Sadistor. This is the kind of awesome output that we can acquire when two great bands collaborate and decide to craft a split record for them to offer to their loyal fans.

Side A contains 4 killer tunes from the death/thrash metal outfit, Mass Hypnosia. Now this is not the first time that I wrote a review about this top-notch group, for I have reviewed the band’s first full-length record “Attempt to Assassinate“. Three of the offerings that Mass Hypnosia had provided in this material serves as a preview for their latest release “Toxiferous Cyanide“. I myself have never heard of the band’s latest release, I am waiting for it to be available so I can order a copy for my own, but after hearing the first 3 tracks in this split I came up to the conclusion that the new album will totally slay the listeners and long time devotees of the genre. Mass Hypnosia picks up where they left off from their awesome debut release by bestowing yet another murderous and top-quality thrashing extreme music tunes. All the tracks in Mass Hypnosia‘s side are thrashy, old school, and brutal without resorting to anything mindless in the delivery and song writing. This is just how the band operates when it comes to fabricating their brand of death/thrash metal materials.

As for the side B of this record, it offers another 4 splendid and premier classic thrashy extreme music songs that were assembled by the Cagayan De Oro-based black/thrash metal act, Sadistor. Sadistor is another band coming from the Philippines who are experts in furnishing a ‘fist to the face’ indefatigable thrash metal sound with a raw touch of black metal elements coming from the veins of the early South American bands of the 80s. The music that the band was able to produce in this split reminds me of the barbaric and straightforward ruthless style of early Kreator and early Sodom meets Sarcófago and Venom. A very strong trace of the powerful thrash attack approach of the South American extreme metal bands, other than Sarcófago, is also present in here. It is very clear that Sadistor is one of those acts out there who loves their metal music to be raw, old school and forthright. I will not be surprise to see these fellas release a full-length album one of these days, as what they have displayed in this split shows that they are capable of creating a superb black/thrash metal album.

In conclusion, this split album is a great release and it should be heard by any thrash metal, death metal, and black metal fan. Both the offerings from Mass Hypnosia and Sadistor carries substantial elements of a mind-blowing and cold-blooded extreme metal album. I would also recommend that you people should check out materials from both bands separately.


Rating: 8.9/10


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