The Unsung Frontiersmen of the Death Metal Genre

The Unsung Frontiersmen of the Death Metal Genre

Band: Incubus

Album: Serpent Temptation

Released date: April 14th, 1988

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Country: United States

Label: Brutal Records


Incubus is in all probability one of the first wave of extreme metal bands in the 80s who were responsible in influencing numerous bands who innovated the death metal genre. Now don’t be surprise if you might not get as many information about the band if you don’t do your own deep research, as they have flew off the radar of most fans of the genre these days due to the lack of exposure. If in some way you have heard about the band, or even got a hold of their materials, then you already know that these fellas are top-notch talents from the old days that are way ahead of their time.

Serpent Temptation is the debut record from these Louisiana-based (originally from the thrash Valhalla of Brazil) death/thrash metal maniacs, and it is an album that contains 8 murky, hasty, and one of the most fervent death/thrash metal tunes ever recorded in the history of the genre. Every bit of the songs in here are catchy and memorable. Each track carries killer lightning speed and beefy thrashy riffs,a unique vocal approach (as Scott‘s technique appears shouted, but at the same time growled), and flat out blazing drumming.

One of the highlights that is extremely noticeable in Serpent Temptation is the very well structured and very tight rendered guitar riffings. Each one of the songs has a level on elaborateness in them that gives them their own way of catching the audiences ears. When Francis (the band’s axeman) plays at slower tempos, he can materialize with some of the heaviest riffs plausible, and simultaneously, the fella can instantly shift to frantic supersonic tremolo riffing at a moment’s notice. But it is the drum work in all of the tracks in here that holds the true stupefaction of the record. Moyses (the band’s drummer) displayed a very unique style of producing the blast in this album. The method that he used here is very conventional to the thrash metal genre. The thing is, the drummer slugs the drums like the usual technique that thrash drummers does it, but the dude does it so fast in a lightning speed tempo that it could match a full blast beat style used in the death metal domain.

The raw and dirty production of the album also complements the content and intensity of the whole output of the band. The evilness and cruel atmosphere of the unprocessed style of mixing and presentation really brings out the real grandeur of this offering. I also love the art work of the album, as they kept it plain and simple, yet it instantly reveals to the listeners and the fans the horrors that are upon them once they give the record a spin.

Altogether, this debut studio record is an utterly superlative classic masterpiece. This chef-d’œuvre of an album should be respected as such the connoisseurs of the death metal and thrash metal genre respects the early albums of old Sepultura, Death, early Kreator, Morbid Angel, and Dark Angel. I highly recommend this magnum opus to all fans of the mentioned genre and those who collect gems from the old days of the extreme metal music archives.


Rating: 10/10


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