The Mighty Has Fallen

The Mighty Has Fallen

Band: Kreator

Album: Gods of Violence

Released date: January 27th, 2017

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Germany

LabelNuclear Blast


After they furnished killer albums like, Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill, Terrible Certainty, Extreme Aggression, and Coma of Souls; the fellas from Kreator had become one of my favorite acts in the thrash metal genre. All those years, even until this very day, I always enjoy blasting those mentioned records in my speakers as it gives me such feeling of great enthusiasm that I have always desired to have.

Having mentioned and described the extreme pleasures that the albums above had given me, their recent God of Violence release gives me the opposite. Long gone are the savagery, aggressive nature, and hostility of the materials which are what gives the listeners that intense ecstatic feeling that they had love about the crafts of the mighty Kreator.

Honestly speaking, after Coma of Souls I haven’t really dug the records that they had put out following that album. Though Violent Revolution, Enemy of God, and Phantom Antichrist rejuvenated my interest to the band, the succeeding offerings — which obviously includes Gods of Violence — had once again let me down.

For a band with a status like Kreator, I know that they can do better than this. They can revive that murderous nature of their tunes if they want to. See, the problem with Gods of Violence is that it inherited the softness and the too much melodic nature of the band’s albums after Coma of Souls. I have no problem with bands incorporating melody (Amon Amarth is a band that I enjoy listening and they used numerous melodies in their crafts, but those guys know how to manipulate the melodies and they sure can make it effective and entertaining even in a simplistic manner.) in their crafts, but if it’s too much applied it makes the output soft and boring. And being soft and boring is not what fans of extreme music wants with their metal tunes.

There are a few tracks in this album that are actually good if the band had stayed straight up in the thrashing manner approach. Tunes like Gods of Violence and Totalitarian Terror have in point of fact obtained the nature of the early kickass attitude of the band when we talk about the number of appreciable old school thrash guitar riffages that those tracks owns. On the other hand, the melodic parts of both tracks had totally wrecked these two potential masterpieces.

To end this review, Gods of Violence is one of those records that shows that Kreator is departing away from their old school roots which accorded them their legendary status in the extreme music genre. The band clearly sent a message to the fans that they want to be on the safe side by advertising cheesy new materials that are saleable for the kids of this generation. Man, I just expected more from Kreator about this release. This is a nonviolent and unobjectionable album for a legendary band who once put out classics like Endless Pain, Extreme Aggression, and Coma of Souls.


Rating: 5.4/10


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