Relentless Filipino Technical Death/Thrash Metal

Relentless Filipino Technical Death/Thrash Metal

Band: Bloodshedd

Album: Eye of the Pessimist

Released date: March 1st, 2007

Genre: Technical Death/Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelTower of Doom Records


Eye of the Pessimist is the first full-length album of the Filipino death/thrash outfit, Bloodshedd. At first glance the band may look like your ordinary extreme metal group coming from a third world country, but these guys are more than just that. These guys are talented and they kick some serious ass when it comes to crafting a good metal album.

It was early 2007 when Eye of the Pessimist came out under the banner of Tower of Doom. This album was one of the major releases in the heavy metal scene of the Philippines during that year. The album contains 10 tracks of hard battering death metal music with a trace of melody into it. The album ‘Slaughter of the Soul‘ by At The Gates is obviously the inspiration of Bloodshedd when they were working on this album. There are a few number of fragments — like the fiery delivery of the songs and the intense energy displayed by the musicians in the album — that is very evident in the album which shows the At The Gates influence.

All of the songs in this album are straight up unornamented. From start to finish the listeners will hear ceaseless onslaught of fierce and angry extreme metal music. Another great thing about this record is the duel between the two guitar players. The crunchy breakdowns and the heavy riffage provided by the twin guitars will remind you a lot of the classic 80’s thrash metal scene. The drumming was also very well yielded. It is fast and aggressive, which complements the chops of the guitars very well. The frontman’s vocal work is also respectable. Jojo (the band’s vocalist) has that powerful and sharp slicing pitch that fits well with the band’s musical aspect.

The mixing and production of the album is in good quality, and the band’s songwriting ability is above the prowess of the majority underground metal bands that turned to mainstream in the Philippines. As a whole, Eye of the Pessimist is a pretty solid album and it is worth purchasing. I recommend this record to fans of both thrash metal and death metal who loves a technical touch on their collection.


Rating: 7/10


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