Rabid Third World Thrash Metal

Rabid Third World Thrash Metal

Band: Rabies

Album: Death Sentence to Mankind

Released date: July 2015

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelThe 3rd Inferno


Rabies is a Filipino thrash metal group hailing from San Pablo city, Laguna, Philippines. I first heard the band’s music around 2011, their Radiation Devastation demo to be more specific, when I was still in college. Right from that moment I got hooked with their retro Teutonic thrash metal influenced music.

Now let us talk about their recent record release. If you people are looking for an intense thrash metal album filled with raw power, undefiled energy and shaded with mauling toughness, then Death Sentence to Mankind is the right record for you. What we have in this album are retro thrash metal songs that are packed with a large amount of blistering, toned and hard pounding riffs. Each track in here contains extremely robust guitar riffs and of course there are shredding guitar solos flying everywhere. The drum work in this album was done well. I love how the drummer delivers a fast paced drum blasting and beating that compliments the nasty guitar work. The coalescing of the guitars and the drums will totally make the listeners go ape-shit and start a mosh. Then of course we have the raspy yells and perverse vocal execution of the band’s front man. Man, the delivery of the vocals is just pure fucking raw and harsh.

The band’s song writing is superb. It is very rare to see a thrash metal band in the Philippines who can write top-notch materials like these guys do. The album production is also potent and very good. A very excellent work by the mixing and master engineer, as he consummately managed to stir up that fierce and indefatigable feel into the album. And the album art work is a total classic. Just looking at it gives a vibe that you are going to get one hell of a thrash metal masterpiece by picking up a copy of the record.

As for the highlight songs, every song in the album stands out for their own. They even made their cover of Dead KennedysChemical Warfare more better than it already was.

Altogether, Death Sentence to Mankind is one the best albums to purchase for retro thrash metal music aficionados. Everything that is in this album reminds me a lot of the early works of the Teutonic legends Sodom and Destruction. If you already have a copy of this chef-d’œuvre of an album then you are one lucky bastard. But if you still do not have it, then get your lazy ass up and storm to the nearest record store in your location to purchase yourself a copy of the album.


Rating: 9.6/10


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