Ominous Death Metal From An Atrocious Band

Ominous Death Metal From An Atrocious Band

Band: Legion

Album: Righteous Killing

Released date: November 21st, 2015

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Philippines



What we have here is one of the best death metal records that I have ever heard coming from my country. Righteous Killing is the debut full-length album of the Filipino, Quezon city based, death metal group Legion.

I actually heard about the band before, as it was mentioned and recommended to me by fellow extreme music aficionados, but I wasn’t just able to check them out right away. It was not until last July of 2016 — when I heard that the band released a full-length album last 2015 — that I gave their materials a spin.

The music in Righteous Killing sticks to the genuine death metal manner thrown in with some distinct signatures from the band. The combination of the twin guitar players has some pretty great chops. Their level are amongst the great in the region, or even in the international extreme metal scene, as both of them had unleashed a rampage of blistering and hasty guitar mastery in the album. Plus I totally love the unorthodox display of solos that are present in this record. The drum work is also rapid and executed in an exceptionally battering approach. The front man’s vocal style is pretty conventional in the death metal realm, but it is also one of the blueprints that made Legion‘s music standout in this offering.

For an independent release, the production and mixing of the record is neat. I also love how all the instruments worked together well, as they don’t compete against each other when it comes to demonstrating each of their weapons’ roles. Furthermore the band’s song writing and song structure organizing abilities are precise. The lyrical theme has the same egoist and occultist tradition that is heavily centered on theology. They obviously took the path that predecessors of the genre had explored previously. And the cover art is my cup of tea. It’s one of those classic-like paintings turned to epic album cover art type of portrait artwork. As for the highlight tracks, I really enjoy blasting ‘Sons of Ir-kala‘, ‘The Mark‘, ‘Path to Unrighteousness‘, ‘Belial‘, ‘Molested Allegiance into the Uninhabited End‘, and ‘Righteous Killing‘ over and over again.

To sum this review all up, Righteous Killing is a must own album to every death metal connoisseurs. This is the ideal record for all those who desire a relentless musical beating that also is capable to make the listeners to grin and bang their heads. Boy, there sure are numerous number of Filipino underground extreme metal bands out there who can compete against the international music scene when it comes to fabricating good extreme music materials.


Rating: 8.5/10


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