New Age of Brutality

New Age of Brutality

Band: Severe Torture

Album: Fall of the Despised

Released date: November 7th, 2005

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Netherlands

Label: Earache Records


For some reason Severe Torture had become one of my favorite death metal bands since I started listening and appreciating the genre. Since the first time I heard their ‘Baptized…‘ demo I already got hooked with their highly Cannibal Corpse influenced music. Right after hearing their demo I immediately dug more of their materials. Then I found their debut album Feasting on Blood and their sophomore Misanthropic Carnage which got me more drawn to the band’s music.

Even though a lot of metalheads had been criticizing the band for playing such heavily Cannibal Corpse influenced tunes, I had that feeling in my gut that these Dutch quintet will someday rise above the ranks and make their own name in the death metal music stamp. Then they released their third full-length record, Fall of the Despised, on early November of the year 2005. This record, which is what I am writing about right now, showed a lot of growth from the band’s heavily Cannibal Corpse influenced music. Gone are the facile guitar delivery and mindless drum blast beats, as it was replaced with numerous memorable riffs and a more technical approach in the drumming section.

Fall of the Despised exhibited Severe Torture‘s true nature in adopting their technical side of musicianship. Sure there are no blistering fast shreds and random guitar sweeps present in this record, but the album’s unique manner on its technical approach has its own way of getting the listeners attached to the materials that it holds. Each of the tracks in this album contains that perfectly coalesced elements of pummeling brutality and musically satisfying peculiar technical musicianship. The catchy and remarkable twin guitar send off — especially the various awesome moments from the lead guitars — will have the listeners wanting for more than just a 40 minute long album.

Everyone in the band really showed that they can do more with their instruments in this record. My favorite of course is the drum work of Seth Van de Loo. What he did right here revealed his true talent behind the drum kit. Boy, he certainly did an awesome job with his pounding here. The vocals wok is also well-baked. It is somewhat loud and more idiosyncratic than the usual low guttural death metal style of singing.

The overall production of the CD also falls into the ranks of a robust album engineering, for it is able to express the right amount of savageness and technical pleasures that the band wants their listeners to apprehend. What Fall of the Despised brought into the table was the indication that Severe Torture was ready for a new age of bringing forth new killer materials to their fans and to all the fans of death metal music.

To sum up this review, this album is very good album that have stayed underrated for quite a while now. I recommend this record to every extreme metal aficionados out there who are fond of vicious death metal music with a touch of distinctiveness among its kind.


Rating: 7.8/10


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