Cerebral Metal Indeed!

Cerebral Metal Indeed!

Band: Natal Cleft

Album: Natal Cleft (EP)

Released date: May 2010

Genre: Technical Death Metal

Country: Philippines



This EP is one of the most unique, underrated, and top-notch extreme metal material that I have ever heard in my years of following the Phillipine underground metal scene.

I first heard of the band way back late 2013, when my good friend Marchem (former Fallen Angel (Cebu)) took me to my first Cebu extreme music show. That show was my first extreme music gig in Cebu, because — before knowing Chem — I had no access to their underground scene.

Now from the very moment that I saw the band took the stage, I felt a strong aura and impression that they are gonna kill it with their performance. And I wasn’t wrong. From the very beginning, until the last tune that they played on their set, they totally owned!

Imagine Criminal Element, Diascorium, and Anaal Nathrakh blended together to produce one hell of an extreme music material. That is what you get when you listen to the Cebuano extreme metal act Natal Cleft. These guys have perfectly coalesced the elements of technical death metal into the components of grindcore and black metal (when it comes to Zeek‘s high pitch vocal works) to fabricate what the band calls ‘Cerebral Metal‘. Cerebral indeed, because the tunes that they have manufactured will certainly blow the listeners’ mind away.

Now, let’s talk about the Natal Cleft EP. The whole EP contains a ton of crushing riffs, pummelling drum work, and face melting solos are all executed in top level degree extreme metal instrumental playing. Plus the vocal work that Zeek displayed on the record is pretty fucking brutal and off the charts. The songs ‘Paradise‘ and ‘Tortured Heaven‘ are my personal favorites. Both the mentioned tracks are fine examples on how the band was able to perfectly mixed well the elements of black metal, progressive metal with jazz fusion, grindcore, and technical death metal into one hell of an extreme music magnum opus. ‘Particles of Hate‘ showcases how powerful and creative the band can be when it comes to fabricating a killer extreme music tune with loads of face melting solos. The track ‘Deceit‘, for me, is the less technical and progressive song in the EP. It may be a bit technical, but not as the other 3 tracks. Though I do not underestimate this 6 minute long piece of metal music, because it sure can still makes the listeners execute synchronized headbanging in an instant.

All in all, the whole Natal Cleft EP is one hell of a material in the modern extreme music realm. I highly recommend these guys to all those who love grindcore, black metal, and technical death metal. Now, I also heard from a very reliable source that Natal Cleft is working on a new record that will possibly come out late this year or early next year. I can’t wait for that shit to come out! Total fucking Cerebral Metal at its finest!!!


Rating: 7.8/10


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