Another Relentless EP From The Rabid Beasts

Another Relentless EP From The Rabid Beasts

Band: Mongrelblood

Album: Relentless Assault (EP)

Released date: December 22nd, 2014

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelUnsigned / Independent


Remorseless and ruthless thrash metal tunes are my cup of tea, and it is in all probability one of the most enjoyable genres in the extreme music category. The Filipino thrash metal group from Iloilo city, Mongrelblood, are simply one of the best when it comes to crafting such relentless, neckbreaking, and ruthless thrash metal music. And here I shall review their 2014 EP, Relentless Assault.

Relentless Assault is the band’s second self-produced EP which contains 3 new original tracks, 2 bonus tracks from their 2010 EP (Unleashed) and 2013 full-length Rabid Insurgence (Mach 10 Massacre), and a Rabid Thrash Metal cover of Venom‘s Black Metal track. Concentrating on the 3 new original materials, the band is pretty determined when it comes to sticking to the roots and crafting killer thrash metal tunes that are highly influenced by the South American extreme metal bands.

Right from the first material in the EP the band did not go soft in introducing the new tunes, as they lay a patch of warriors chanting their battle cry for 45 seconds before the whole thing channels through a pummeling drum blasting and a barrage of heavy thrash metal guitar riffs thrown all over the killer kickoff track. After that severe and unmerciful commencing, the battering goes on and the whole record will leave you sweating and catching your breath as you will experience an urge of starting a mosh and banging your head while Relentless Assault is playing on your speakers.

The premier skill exhibit of the twin guitarists, the perfect tone of bass that collaborates with the other instruments well, and the superior drum work of the drummer are just few of the things that I love about this EP. Not to mention the superb rough-hewn vocal work which again reminded me of the early style that is present in old Sepultura materials, preferably before the late 90s albums.

I also love how the sound engineer had done a really great work in mixing the whole record. It’s right in the middle of a bit furnished level for an EP, but not too classy for a studio full-length. It fits perfectly well with the sound that Mongrelblood wanted to present to their audiences and it made everything in the EP able to exist together without conflict.

My final verdict is that this EP is a must own for every thrashers collection. It is highly recommended that you get a copy of it if you consider yourself a devoted follower of the thrash metal genre. Relentless Assault displays how Mongrelblood is always capable of manufacturing cutthroat records whenever they wanted to release one. I am really looking forward to hear a new full-length record from these guys one of these days.


Rating: 9/10


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