An Insane Piece of Death/Thrash Metal Album

An Insane Piece of Death/Thrash Metal Album

Band: Mass Hypnosia

Album: Attempt to Assassinate

Released date: December 4th, 2010

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelOne-A Records


What we have here is the debut studio album of one of the leading death/thrash metal bands in the Philippines, Mass Hypnosia. The record is called Attempt to Assassinate, and it contains nine — not to include the tenth track, which is a cover of Death‘s ‘Denial of Life‘ — in your face death/thrash metal tracks that are extremely catchy and admirable in a powerfully irresistible way.

Right from the beginning, up until the end of the album, we are served with a furious and ultimately aggressive music playing. It pretty much sounded like the band took their lessons in violence from bands like Possessed, early Kreator, early Sodom, Ripping Corpse, and old Sepultura to create their own personal death/thrash music style. The guitar riffs in this album are terrific, fast sequenced, and it totally has that old dirty hyper-aggressive thrash metal riffage attitude to it that would leave the audiences to pounding their fists and starting a mosh pit. Needless to say that the bass player will also give the listeners a decidedly tolerable reason to bang their heads. The drummer is totally fucking insane! He delivers a gunfire of hard striking and bludgeoning blasts throughout the whole album. The vocal delivery of the front man totally pays homage to the old guards of the genre. It’s like Hellhammer meets Possessed and Massacre style of vocal manipulation.

As far as song writing is concerned, Mass Hypnosia is one of the few Filipino extreme metal bands who can actually write materials that aren’t generic. The record’s art cover was done raw and dirty too, which for me is a great way to express to your listeners how nasty your crafts are, and it reminds me a lot of Pleasure to Kill for some reason. The album production and mixing was also very well done. It complements the whole musical aspect that the band is trying to convey to their audiences.

If you people are looking for a distinct and beastly piece of extreme metal album, Attempt to Assassinate is the precise record for you. I highly recommend this album to every metalhead who loves collecting gems of records to preserve for future purposes of perpetuating our beloved extreme music genre. Also, Mass Hypnosia released their latest album last December 12 of 2016. I already have a copy of the said record and it’s one hell of an album that headbangers should purchase.


Rate: 8.8/10


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