A Pretty Uncanny Thrash Metal Record

A Pretty Uncanny Thrash Metal Record

Band: Mongrelblood

AlbumRabid Insurgence

Released date: 2013

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelUnsigned / Independent


Stationed in the Western Visayas island group of the Philipines is the Iloilo-based thrash metal outfit, Mongrelblood. These guys are simply the best when it comes to crafting relentless, neck-breaking, and fervent thrash metal music in the Visayas area of the Philippines. Their fabricated materials’ fury hits with a ferocity that rivals most of the tunes created by most extreme metal bands coming from the chief mainland cities of the country.

Now let us talk about their hammering debut full-length Rabid Insurgence. This self-released record carries 37 minutes of zestful and severe bludgeoning peculiar thrash metal music. In fact, in my own opinion, the music that these guys have fabricated in this album even has numerous similar qualities that are common to the sounds of early death metal tunes brought to us by Death and Morbid Angel. Indeed, it interests me so much that this record was still labeled as thrash metal even when in terms of stylistic characteristics in the riff, vocal delivery, and drum work it is more closer to mid 80s death metal.

Even though the band stated once in an interview before that their musical influences came from the Bay Area thrash bands, it is pretty evident that this isn’t quite to the level of what was coming out of Florida. Well, except the slower and groovier sections of the songs which definitely has that Bay Area feel into it. See the tracks here definitely has a strong remnant of early Sepultura records to them, only with a much more improved production. Listening to the materials on Rabid Insurgence reminds me a lot of ‘Morbid Visions‘, ‘Schizophrenia‘, ‘Beneath the Remains‘, and even works of killer South American extreme metal bands like Sarcófago, Mutilator (BRA), Torturer (CHL) and Copropago (CHL). It’s a perfect description to utter that the resonance of the tracks in this album sure has a very prominent muddier sound that separates the band from other thrash metal groups. Plus I love the album cover on this record. The cover art features a pack of vicious dogs attacking a civil servant wearing a yellow ribbon. It portrays how the band, just like me, hates the fucking Aquino administration. The Aquino family and the Filipino politicians under their payroll has been silently spreading tyranny and corruption in the Philippines.

To sum everything up, Rabid Insurgence is an album that is absolutely worthy to be added to true heavy metal fans’ record collections. I highly recommend that you go and contact the band now to get your copy of this magnum opus. Also, I recommend you, people, to check out some of the bands –there are more killer extreme Filipino metal bands out there in the underground that I don’t know– that I know like Paganfire, Pathogen, Mass Hypnosia, Toxemia, Rabies, Legion, Amaranhig, Ataul, Omenfilth, Exitus, Paraphrenic Hostility, Comatose, Astarus, Kalabira, Natal Cleft, Servorum, Sadistor, Inferium, and Bloodshedd if you are looking for killer Filipino extreme metal bands who can write top-notch materials like Mongrelblood.


Rating: 9/10


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