A Miasma Of Cataclysmic Death/Doom Metal Music

A Miasma Of Cataclysmic Death/Doom Metal Music

Band: Extreme Cold Winter

Album: Paradise Ends Here (EP)

Released date: 2015

Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Country: Netherlands

Label: Vic Records


Extreme Cold Winter was a band that I first heard way back the early months of the year 2012. I read about the band when Seth Van de Loo (Severe Torture, Centurian, Infected Flesh, Voodoo Gods), the band’s drummer, posted about them. With the knowledge that Seth is part of this death/doom metal act, I then kept my eyes on them, for I know that they will one day make a name in the ranks of the extreme music domain. Then two years ago I was stoked after hearing that the band had finally unleashed a five killer baleful tunes for their Paradise Ends Here EP which was released under the banner of the Dutch record label Vic Records.

Paradise Ends Here is everything that I expected to hear from a band like Extreme Cold Winter. Each of the materials in this record — including the outro instrumental — are chilling, unsympathetic, and menacing. The EP defines the true essence of gloomy and dismal extreme metal music, for it is a very solid old school sounding slab of death/doom metal music which the aficionados of sluggish harmony will totally dig. The guitar work in here perfectly fits the music that the band intended to deliver to their audiences. A.J. van Drench filled this EP with brawny and sluggardly heavy guitar riffs accompanied by some excellently brutal balance.

Seth‘s pummeling also complements the album very well. His thunderous battering supplies the right amount of vibe into the record’s annihilating laden aura. Pim Blankenstein‘s vocal work also plays a vital role in the album. His ghastly and repulsive delivery materializes an added vicious element into the table. Also the song writing of the band is at an exceptional level and the lyrics of the tracks are very well composed.

My final verdict is that Paradise Ends Here is a solid slab of death/doom metal release. I pretty much recommend all fans of the extreme metal genre, not just of death and doom metal, to purchase a copy of this record. This EP showcases what this trio can fabricate in the near future once they are ready to unleash a debut full-length.


Rating: 8.7/10

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